SJC Custom Drums Barbershop Floral Graphic Shell Pack Review

This kit’s big, resonant voice comes from a trio of North American maple shells, hand cut with SJC 45 (45°) bearing edges and crowned with SJC’s iconic low-mass hoops and hardware. Colonial maple bass hoops and antique brass hardware really add to this kit’s pre-war look, while a set of hand-tuned Evans heads gives it a sound that’s every bit as nuanced.

See the gear used in this video at the links below:
Kit – SJC Custom Drums USA Custom 3-piece Shell Pack – Barbershop Floral Print –
Snare – SJC Custom Drums Koa Burst 7″x14″ –

SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Boom Stand –
SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Double Tom Stand –
SJC Foundation Flatline Heavyweight Snare Stand –
SJC Foundation Series 3 leg Hi-hat Stand –
SJC Foundation Series Dbl Pedal –

Ride – Meinl Pure Alloy Medium 20” –
Crash – Meinl Pure Alloy Medium 18” –
Crash – Meinl Pure Alloy Medium 16” –
Hi-Hats – Meinl Pure Alloy Medium 15” –

Toms and Snare Batter – Evans G2 Coated –
Toms Resonant – Evans Genera Resonant –
Snare Resonant – Evans Snare Side –
Kick Batter – Evans EMAD2 Clear Bass Batter Head –

Promark TX5BW 5B Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks –

Kick – DPA 2011C
Snare – DPA 2011C
Toms – DPA 4099 –
OverHeads – DPA 2011C
Room – DPA 4011A –

Recording Gear:
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
Universal Audio Apollo 8p –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –
Glyph Studio 2TB Desktop Hard Drive –

Meinl Percussion Laptop Table Stand –

In Ear Monitors:
Westone ES60 Elite Series Custom Fit Earphones –

Play-in Music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4 –
sound – Apollo 8p – DBX 160 – Bermuda Triangle – Ampeg B15N
Sequence – Waves Element 2.0 Analog-style Polyphonic Synthesizer Plug-in –
sound – Sequences E2 – Bassa Me Mucho
High Pop – Waves Codex Wavetable Synthesizer –
sound – Plucks and Stabs – Cave Pop
Arpeggio – Waves Codex Wavetable Synthesizer –
sound – Motions – Riding the Waves

Play-out Music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4 –
sound – Apollo 8p – Ampeg B15N
Electric Guitar – Supro Island Series Westbury –
sound – Apollo 8p, UA Friedman DS40
Electric Piano – Waves Electric Grand 80 Piano Plug-in –
sound – Classic – Bright Sympathy Sustain
Tron Clarinet – GForce M-Tron Pro –
sound – Remastered Looped – Clarinet Wide Dyn Loop
Voice – EastWest Voices of Passion –
sound – America Master ( Omni )


Arthur Azoubel says:

$4,000 for a 3 piece shell pack? I need to get rich quick

Ionian Blue says:

This kit sounds like it has such a satisfying thud and thump on the snare and kick respectively. More chewy than crisp.

Remington Creech says:

Not my favorite finish but sounds great

cheefChong says:

Nicolpee always killing it no matter what kit it is

James Berlo says:

I’d take it with Nickel Hardware,

Roe Sham Boe says:

NDV – “New Do” Virgilio. Lookin and soundin sharp 🙂

HamsterSpanks says:

Butter sound drums!!…Ugly as hell

Hugo Alberto Hernández says:

Lots of greetings and respect from Mexico, Nick!
Great job with Kevin Gilbert’s ‘Thud’!



химич дима says:

красавец сильно звучит

DrummerBoy 507 says:

This drum set sounds badass. Especially with Nick beheind it.

Toaster Burns says:

Man thats a pretty kit

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