Show & Tell Review Of Tony Coleman Drums by Sonivox

In this video James takes a look and a listen to the new Sonivox Tony Coleman Drums virtual instrument. This is a very easy to use, drums for VI for those who like there blues, soul and motown. Tony Coleman has played with all the great but is he the one for your next project?


Taura Rose says:


Rick Mousley says:

Will Tony Coleman Drums work with Roland V-Drums?

Dr yousef Oke says:

Video possible explanation terracing work in machine SONiVOX.Tony.Coleman.Drums.v1.0-R2R ؟؟

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

it sounds good, not sure if its because of my amplifier and headphone or it sounds good by itself

Raw Prawn says:

you left the most important part out…playing the samples…they are already at the top of the window…not good enough!

Nuwata Abeshi says:

HI! Is There MIDI groove? Only Samples?

Brooks Ivory Music says:

I must have the wrong one installed because this plugin crashes on me almost every time I use it and takes forever to load the presets. Drums sound great, I just wish I could use them with no worry.

kaveiros75 says:

Great sounding kit, but I have some questions:
– Are there not any MIDI grooves included? I find these grooves in these VI drums extremely useful, and it will be a pity not to have some.
– What ‘s the point in having a “master pan” in a whole drum kit??? Is there any chance to shift the whole kit to one side? Either have it on individual elements or you leave it be. Totally pointles!

Dracule Mihawk says:

I’m wondering too, can you play Samples in there?

Patrick Pleau says:

Cool review. but might check your ears cause it really does sound fake. sound good. but still fake. it’s the room sound that makes it more fake IMO. still great dont get me wrong

emmstudios1 says:

Do the midi files come with the kit.. If not we’re are they from…

Ezekiel Jr says:

Looks fuckin awesome…where Can I download it for free? SOrry, but I cant afford it..

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