Roland V-Drums TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set Review by Sweetwater Sound

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In this video I am demonstrating the Roland V-Drums TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set.

The first thing I have to say about this electronic drum kit is WOW! Roland has really made a great piece of gear with the TD-25KV. The sounds are great and amazingly real, the pads feel really good, and the main user interface is streamlined and very easy to use.

With the TD-25KV you get nine pads, the rack with all of the pad and cymbal mounts, and the TD-25 brain. The only pieces that do not come with the kit are the hi-hat stand, kick drum pedal, and throne. It is worth mentioning here that any standard hi-hat stand and kick drum pedal will work with the TD-25KV. You get two 10″ PDX-100 pads for the snare and floor tom, and the two rack tom pads are the 8″ PD-85 model. These pads come with Roland’s mesh playing surface that is super comfortable to play on. The kick pad is the KD-9 which also has the same mesh surface, only in black, and it feels great like the other pads.

The two crash cymbals are the 12″ CY-12’s and the ride is a 13″ CY-13R. The final piece is the hi-hat which is the VH-11. It is a single pad for the top and a round cylinder that goes onto the hi-hat rod just like a normal bottom cymbal would. The feel of all of the pads are quite amazing. The hi-hat really reacts like an acoustic hi-hat. The Cymbal pads move freely and the sound of the cymbals have been modeled to have all of the qualities of an acoustic cymbal. The snare and tom pads feel great and with Positional Sensing on the snare pad you can play it like an acoustic snare with true acoustic reactions all the way to the edge of the drum and back to the center.

The heartbeat of the whole set up is the TD-25 brain. A compact version of the big brother TD-30, it is small and easy to navigate. There are 18 internal drum kits set up in genres. Simply turn the knob to a particular genre and then push the knob to toggle between the different kits. Every kit in the brain is fully customizable by a simple turn of a few clearly labeled knobs on the top section of the unit. If you change up a kit and don’t like what you came up with you can easily get back to the original. One of the best features is the USB compatibility this machine has. You can connect the TD-25 directly to your computer and you can also put MP3’s or WAV files onto a USB key and connect that to the TD-25. With the USB key connected you can play along with tracks for practice and you can also record yourself playing on top of those tracks.

If you are looking at getting into an electronic kit that has the pro features from the most high end Roland V-Drum kit, sounds amazing, feels great, and that will work in any live music application, then I encourage you to look at this Roland TD-25KV electronic drum kit. They have really put a lot of amazing technology together to make one truly fun drumming experience.

— Nick D’Virgilio


Lars gilmour says:

$2.500 hundred bucks…

Roshi Gaming says:

man I want that so badly

Baris Yakut says:

How silent is it?

Carson Bailey says:

why this drum set has to be so expensive

Николай Тренин says:

10:20 what rudiment used for that fill, does anybody know? sounds really awsome but i still cant get exactly which rudiment it is

duck shit chris says:

Only If I had a dollar for every time he said “how cool is that”

Eden Kenna says:


Dead First says:

it b really fun

Mitch Cornacchia says:

Great review, Great drumming!

Cairo ProgRock says:

Spend that much money and still don’t sound real. Maybe in 10 years someone will get it right!

phoenixamaranth says:

For $2500, Roland should be including the hi hat stand, kickdrum pedal and the throne.

passionoflovers says:

”I am not a metal drummer” plays a pretty solid single kick blast beat….

Twisted Rumors says:

Gonna have to pick this kit up

Mickael Bertainchant says:

Just received it for my birthday 🙂

Alex Vandrummer says:

Roland makes some great drums

Empire Goodness says:

I’ve toured the world / recorded etc as a DRUMMER…. with just a 6-square Roland DRUMPAD. (And I only use my two drum sticks on it, but i’ve got chops. No foot switches etc.)

Takes me 30 seconds to set up for gigs. 10 seconds to break down. Carry my drumkit anywhere, in my shoulder bag! THE BEST THING EVER.

(Yes, it’s not the same as a normal drumkit, but it’s about 50% of what you can do with a regular kit, but with 99% less hassle. I can jam with friends in a tiny bedroom even!)

Jack Tate says:

I drummed for a long time then had to leave it so I’m now getting back in. I love the assist re playing along to tracks etc….thanks this is going to be my next purchase…the brain looks really intuitive,,,great job.

David Hoyte says:

Doe’s it have midi ?

Abel Parente says:

if you put a song with drums already in it, can you mute the drums?

Darren Williams says:

So expensive though. 🙁

Alfie Stevens says:

Amzing set, but waaaaaay overpriced

Kenneth Gibson says:

Dear Bank Manager due to extraordinary asset acquisitions this week I am forced to request an overdraft extension of £2500. Thanks in anticipation of your immediate response…

Chaz Smith says:

$2,500 and they don’t give you the best model. Roland is way over charging just because no one can touch them in the high end market :/

DaWeasel says:

does this drum only work with headset? or can i make some exterior noise?

David Hoyte says:

That a Nice setup.
How much is it and how can you ship it to the Bahamas?

vineet asansol says:

nice kit

chaz wozza says:

Great sound

Trevor Hill says:


Bloodstone02 says:

But can buddy rich play this and will it respond to how fast he’s going

Lolox 1307 says:

the usb must have only the song or it can have other things and the brain select just the song?

John Jones says:

Great work Nick.You should be a model for how to present concepts and information to listeners and viewers.Clear,concise,not verbose or rambling and nice style of playing that fully allows us to get a good idea of what the kit is capable of.

Rick Thiel says:

Outstanding review

Athanasios Lanaras says:

The first time I saw this video I was like: ”Oh, GOD, these are PERFECT”. Then I saw the price. Less a kidney later, I got them..(Just kidding, I don’t have them). And no, I’m not saying that they should lower the price…I think…

Billykid514 says:

How’s the rack? Is it sturdy and built to last? Easy to use? Solid? Thanks

Cosmic Jukebox says:

Hello, can somone please tell me if on this drumkit the bell on the hi hat and crash are functional, (so u have a bell on the hi hat and the crash?)
Thanks 🙂

kingv911 says:

I’m a 32 year old guitar player who has always wanted to be a drummer. I’m salivating over this as it would be perfect for playing in the house. So, looks like I’ll need about $3k to get started with this kit. “Honey, I think this drum set would be a great creative outlet for our son, and the investment will be worth it for his development.” It will be mine. Oh yes… It will be mine.

dfasdfasdfasdf says:

Put that wire behind you, son.

Anthony ramsis says:

Sounds as good as real drums(acoustic) …… and you make it look so easy ! but it takes a lot of time and requires hard work to be in this level …. : ) I love drums …… but this kit Roland it’s too expensive!

Brandy Drumguy says:

So if I understood correctly, you can add 2 extra pieces?

JoakillerLOL says:


Joseph Mac says:

Nick You sold me! Now that I purchased, may I get your file for the set you played at the beginning, Custom Maple or is that the right out of the box setting? I love my drums : )

Carter Wilson Jr says:

For over $2,000 it doesn’t come with a kick pedal or stand?! What?!

Jonas Paul says:

You can Play with headphones so other people dont hear the sound, right?

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