Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set Review

Get the TD-1DMK Electronic Kit here:–roland-v-drums-td-1dmk-electronic-drum-set/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=TGYjuhYxqDY

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own set of mesh-headed Roland V-Drums, the impressively priced TD-1DMK is about to make your dreams a reality. This kit’s dual-layer and dual-trigger mesh snare and tom pads are quiet, lifelike, and responsive — built for a custom playing experience and equipped for late-night jam sessions. Cymbals that sway like the real thing and a bulletproof kick pad that’s wide enough for double-bass pedals tailor this kit to virtually any player. The TD-1 drum module’s 15 preset drum kits are expressive and inspiring, with 15 play-along songs and onboard coaching tools to get you show-ready in rapid time.



J Garcia says:

That laugh at 6:11…Nick is a an amazing drummer!

Piotr Pędziwiatr says:

pdx8 as toms? standard td1dmk has pdx6 for all tom pads…

Poo Ninja says:

double Kick Yea !! I got itch trigger sticks watching this !

baphomick says:

“Preconfigured. One connection into the brain”.

So can you not substitute another brain that uses individual 1/4 inch inputs? Hard to tell from the angle here, and on the website. Thanks.

Andrew Elias says:

Patch #1 actually sounds decent. You could buy it for that alone. You used to have to spend thousands on the flagship sets to get a decent sound. The reactive metronome is awesome too. These are great for bedrooms or apartments where noise levels are at a premium.

Michael S says:

700 bucks for a set of Rolands. Yowsa. That’s awesome.

Leonard Smith says:

Not that this is not a great kit. I have the TD-1kv with the mesh head on the snare only. For the money, you can’t beat this kit. I would highly recommend it.

Leonard Smith says:

Nick could make 2 pencils and a set of coffee cans sound good.

DrummerGrrrl says:

I like the sounds of the Yamaha DTX502 better…but the mesh heads on this…


The great thing about these Roland TD sets is that it alleviates the problem of getting drums miked correctly in the studio. Now you can plug your drums right into your board,and forget worries about “room sound”,or which mics to use.. You can create your “room sound” with your reverb unit.Also,you can pick multiple drum sets which you can’t do except in the largest studios.You can now record EVERYTHING (except maybe a horn or string section) in your apartment,condo or your house with disturbing anyone. These sets enable even the smallest production company to compete with the “big boys”.

Gabby Bernardo says:

is it possible to change the brain? (drum module) with a roland also of course

baphomick says:

What a time to be broke, I’m so tempted.

conditionone says:

Looks like a super fun little drum set.

Dmitry Greb says:

Yamaha DTX 402 next

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