Roland TD-4KP Electronic Drums Video Review

Demo video of the ultra portable Roland TD-4KP V-Drums. This TD-4KP maybe be compact but with its 8 pads – kick, snare, toms x3, hi-hats, crash and ride cymbals – it still allows for serious playing.

In this video review you can hear 4 of the preset kits – V-Compact, Tight, Drum and Bass and Percussion.


maestrohound says:

I can guarantee you that it only “looks” flimsy. In person, it’s really not!

08srt8charger says:


Don Gato says:

I have the classic TD-6. I think it was one of the best kits Roland ever made. Never liked the TD-3 and the TD-4 was just a slight upgrade. 

Tarang Kulkarni says:

Does the kit include Kick Pedal… or we have to buy it separately ?

Bad Movie Reviewer says:

Looks like it is shaking around a lot, is it durable?

Reyes Munguia says:

the hi hat doesn’t even sound like one

Rachel Paul says:

I’m worried about the height on this set. (I’m 6’2″). Has anyone had a problem with this?

Jeremy Deats says:

Bought this kit. Love this kit. Better than anything Alesis has up to the DM10x (but if you read reviews of the DM10x people are saying even the the build quality of Alesis Pro grade kit  is horrible) Even this little Roland kit’s module blows it away because Alesis (the runner up in e-drums) can’t compete with Roland. Roland is insane when it comes to quality, design and engineering and it really shows if you’re paying attention to the details. Roland does not make entry level anything. You can tune each piece of the kit and you have many kits to pick from. The module is super easy to work with. 

This quality of the recording in this video is not very good. It does not distort like that. The build quality of the pads, foot pedals, frame, etc.. are good enough to gig with. The way it folds up and stores or totes around is patented to Roland…. I don’t work for Roland, but I am a huge fan of exceptionally well built products that are innovative. There’s nothing else like this kit out there. Go read reviews and watch the videos on Roland’s site… Most important, Go demo it! If you can’t hear and feel the difference by all means go buy one of those toy kits by one of those other companies. I had an budget end Alesis kit before this one it was absolute garbage compared to the Roland kit. My 16 year old self would have probably been happy with the Alesis kit because I would have not cared as much about all the little details, but you get more than you pay for with this one.

Andrea Spinelli says:

Hi, is the snare drum double-zoned?
How about playing the drum kit through DAW such as Ableton, Cubase, Logic ecc.. and then mapping it?
May i build my own preset-kit in the module, assigning external (or internal) samples to every single pad?
Thanks for the infos and rock on! 🙂 Andrea (Italy)

Ro Meraz says:

I got one and love it! Prefect to practice with in my apartment and it doesn’t take up too much room.

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