Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Review & In depth Demo

Nathan gives us an in-depth demonstration and review of the new Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit series.

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In this video, Drum Specialist Nathan and John from Roland walk us through the amazing features of the new Roland TD-17 series of electronic drum kits and discusses the differences between the new Roland TD-17KVX, TD-17KV, and TD-17K-L kits.

At the heart of the Roland TD-17 kits you have the brand new TD-17 V Drums module with Bluetooth audio, 50 intuitive kits and 50 preset spaces, plus so much more.

The Roland TD-17KVX and TD-17KV kits come with an all new PDX-12 snare pad, which features a dual mesh head and large 12-inch playing surface to offer better stick control and playing techniques that are usually only possible with acoustic kits. In addition, you also get the new VH-10 V-Hi-Hat and KD-10 kick pad that reduces noise.

Find out which kit might be best for your needs in this review and demo.


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Todd Dilbeck says:

Can you play to your drumless tracks via SD card and simultaneously record the entire performance onto the SD card like the TD-25 can do with a USB flashdrive ?

Sub Prime says:

Can you use brushes with this kit?

now what says:

I just got mine.. and after doing some fine tuning w/ the module it sounds pretty damn good. I’m happy with it

marshal brown says:

I played one in store and it sounded nothing like this. Are you post processing? Did you mess with eq or are these sounds stock? It was going through a Simmons amp. I went into the store with intentions of buying until I heard it.

AngryRedGuy says:

I’m getting one right now

Greg Williams says:

Question. Can I use the module with Roland triggers on my acoustic set. ?
Question #2. The cables need a special device to connect to the bottom. How much is that and why the heck isn’t it included ?

Mac Prus says:

Is the module better than td 25?

Goreburger says:

This is sick im so glad I didn’t bought any TD11-kv , getting this asap! Looks so clean!

Aarón Angulo says:

Is it possible to adjust the position of the drums and cymbals as my convience? Or is it a pre-established position?

Neusha Yousefi says:

Are any pads dual or 3 trigger?

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