Roland TD-17 Electronic Drum Kit Review

Get the Roland TD-17KVX shown in the video here:–roland-v-drums-td-17kvx-electronic-drum-set

At the heart of this kit is the TD-17 module, with a sound engine and 50 preset drum kits built around Roland’s flagship TD-50. User-importable drum sounds take advantage of your ever-expanding sound libraries. And wireless Bluetooth support for music and MIDI streamline practice, jamming, and song building. New for the TD-17KVX are Roland’s 12″ dual-trigger PDX-12 snare pad with two-ply tunable mesh head, floating VH-10 stand-mount hi-hat, and dynamic KD-10 kick tower. A trio of mesh-headed 8″ toms, two 12″ crashes, and Roland’s three-zone 13″ CY-13R ride complete the package.


Samuel Tepes says:

Finally a new drum set by Roland

Bill Perri says:

They finally took some ideas from the Yamaha 502 module.

beatz04 says:

You should have showcased a few more of the acoustic drum kits, expecially the snares. There are other reviews out there that show that for the first time, the acoustic drum sounds in a Roland module actually sound decent, and most importantly they seem to have managed to solve the machine gun effect. Could be the more affordable alternative to the Pearl Mimic Pro.

Efraim Burgos says:

Amazing review-one of the best Ive seen!

rkl08551 says:

the enter button in the front should be either above the arrows or underneath…

TxRED says:

Wait so this module can add a click to any track over bluetooth? Was there a catch to this? What about aux in?

TXMusicDrummer says:

NDV, what plastic bass drum beater do you recommend for bass drum mesh heads? I’ve been using a Tama Speed Cobra with Iron Cobra felt beaters on my Remo Silent Stroke with no issues, at least not yet.

Cole McIntyre says:

Does it come with a hi-hat stand or do you have to provide your own?

Andrew hudson says:

As always, great demo from Sweetwater but when are Roland going to make a decent looking electronic kit? Still looks like a practice kit with loads of wires. Alesis and Pearl are really advancing the appearance of electronic kits but with Roland its same old, same old.

Spoodermen Produktionz says:

8:45 that’s a huge sounding kit

Tom Crawford says:

Is the TD-17 Module available as a stand-alone module – as is the TD-25 and/or TD-50?

mojo drum says:

That snare doesn’t look to stable I’m wondering if the amount of shaking affects the playability.

Da Braddah says:

The pads look like cheap crap, although I’m sure they’re not. The cymbals sound pretty good, but all the drum sounds are overly synthetic. Another Roland fail. Probably not a cheap set either.

prospectnyc says:

Alesis Strike still has better toms and tom sounds. These toms sound very much like a drum machine (choked, with limited velocity layers). Cymbals seem to play better on the Roland.

Scott Loveday says:

The weakest thing that really needed improving was the high hat , it would be a nice to have the bell sound on the hi-hat and and maybe to be able to play the bottom for the occasional playing of the bottom hi hat cymbal ..Also maybe a more natural sounding snare drum sounding ..and something to fix the machine gun sound on faster feels other than that Roland has really come a long ways improving the electronic drum sound and all the flexibility, They make great stuff. Thanks a lot Roland for making such great products that really are instruments these days not just an electronic device.

Scott Lowell says:

Big step up from my old td15, especially the kick. The pd-15 kick was crap, and they knew it.

Spoodermen Produktionz says:


Macuahuitl says:

Doesn’t this make the TD-25k kit useless?
Better sounds, more or less the same equipment for a lower price.

ibleebinU says:

I do believe Nick is beginning to look like Jon Lovitz.
Still some of the best product demos. Yeah, that’s it.

CuzCutz says:

What’s the extent of compatibility with triggering computer based drum kits I.e. Superior drums, Slate drums, BFD etc.? There is no USB (or other computer Connection ) besides MIDI?

Divergent Drums says:

Nick, will this kit be at Gearfest?

Phoboss32 says:

Even now, in 2018, the acoustic mode of this new e-drumset sounds so synthetic.

Alfian Banjaransari says:

yaaa…rock n roll -__-

Samuel Diaz says:

Not only is your playing awesome Nick but I always look forward to your reviews because you actually cover all the features of the kits you play as oppose to just showing off. Thank you Sweetwater!!

Ty Smith says:

Affirm. It’s a “bass” drum. Ya know?… like in music?

music and gaming tutorials says:

7:02 Nick blasted!

santy crespo says:

Do the sjc pathfinder video!

TalkShowHost says:

Finally sample import and at $599?! I’m definitely interested.

Dennis Rivenburg says:

Does the Bluetooth work with Android, if not Roland failed big time.


still has that plastic Roland sound though…

W.Moonen says:

I still got 50 days to send my td25k back I just bought 10 days ago…… tis is just a bit cheaper and it looks like it has more options in the brain and has bigger pads + the extra cymbal. I think I prefer the pdx100 for the snare tho

Robert Latzer says:

Nick,you could make a cardboard box sound good- but nice kit!

Kydo says:

Thank you for this intensive review, it looks awesome!

Ernie says:

Where do we get all the samples from? Will we have to buy the samples from Roland? Or can we get samples online? WHat format does the sample have to be in order to save onto sd card and load into kit? Thanks so much Nick

Kevin Osborn says:

6:52 “Don’t say ballsy…don’t say ballsy…”

richard miller says:

So glad Roland came up with this kit. I like the import capability. Now you don’t need to spend the $ on theTD50 for that. If you have a VST you can sample your favorite sounds and load them into the module. And the module is the same price as the TD11.

Jeffrey Flowers says:

looks like you still can’t add on that much like the td25….whish you could add another floor, two China’s two splashes and another crash but let down….still going to go with pearl mimic pro

Ty Smith says:

anybody else DONE with the lame ass term “kit” instead what it is? It’s a drum set! A set of drums ffs. We didn’t get it from jolly old England

Kevin Tran says:

At least this one sounds good and affordable compared to their higher end stuff.

Astronaut2005 says:

I need to replace my Roland HD-3 with this new TD-17!

Rusty Undercarriage says:

Output for each drum for recording?

Spencer Sher says:

Can you review the Sabian HHX Evolution series?

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