Roland TD-15 Electronic V-Drums Review

Jake Stockley from Black Media reviews the Roland TD-15k V-Drums. Stay tuned for tutorials and more reviews on this amazing kit!


AgeProjects says:

hey, i’m gonna buy a roland electronic kit (after an alesis usb), i can’t decide if i should buy a td9k2 and maybe during the time upgrade it or wait some more time and get a td15k, do you think it’s worth it? i’ve been really impressed from your video, did you record the drum part using a computer or just using the quick rec function? i tried it but i actually did not understand how it really works

doctorrockter says:

For 500.00 more the TD 15kv is way better and do worth the extra $.
You get a much better Hihat and bigger pads. Much nicer.

Yann Huguet says:

Putain de Ricain ferme ta gueule et joue un peu la pub on sans branle OK!

heavymetal162 says:

im 16 i play bass guitar but wanna learn drums, i have noise issues with my parents so i think i’ll go with an electronic, i listen and play a lot of metal, do you think this would be good for me? or if you could suggest an eletronic that would be good? 

Stephen Dowling says:

Just picked this one up over the TD-30 for space/cash reasons but opted to get an extra floor tom, crash, and double kick peddle. Still waiting for the order to come in but I’m pretty excited about it as I haven’t been able to play for a few years due to acoustic drum noise complaints from neighbors. Appreciate the extensive review.

Im Harrhy says:

Im thinking of buying a td 11k. I don’t know what to do. Im a beginner

nnicolerae says:

that’s not a Roland td15k that’s a td 11kv with a upgraded sound module the frame is
a Mds 4v drum stand the td 15 kv has a Mds 9v drum stand

Dennis Rivenburg says:

Hello I’m from the future in December 2017, Roland discontinued the td15 with the td25 which is a horrible module with no good sounds.

BlackMediaPresents says:

hey jjlwis! I agree about the sound module, it was EXCELLENT for the price. Quick update though, I have just gone ahead and purchased the TD-30 (Review coming soon). The main reason I decided to upgrade to the TD-30 was the hi hat and the positional sensing that the TD-15 just couldnt do. I will go over more reasons in my next tutorial video. Thanks for watching the review!

28leftbehind says:

I have TD-15k it’s pretty good (i was a begginner tho, when i bought it). It’s cons are:  it has got little hit surface. And hi-hat opening/closing is digital. Buy TD-15KV if you’re available, you won’t regret.

dashlikes00 says:

how do you record your roland td-15k please I need specific advice please….

jjlwis says:

the BEST review of this Kit I’ve seen SO FAR! I agree completely on the HH.. argh, I just hope it can be upgraded later on. I just hope my guys like it too. The 15K is a great kit, the sound module it self is awesome!

loganbuck17 says:

need more cowbell…


This review saved me the pain of the HH pad, so I instead got the TD-15KVs and a real HH stand.

Giorgos T says:

Still waiting 4 the video about the module of TD15K…. Plz make this happen 😀

BlackMediaPresents says:

Great choice MACOSXSL. I too upgraded the high hat and am much happier now. 🙂

Theo Sakoutis says:

Are these mesh heads?

joseph lucido says:

What’s better, TD 15K, or TD 11KV?

René Dehue says:

Excellent review. Finally someone who explains what potentional owners really want to know. Thanks alot.

matijabg says:

When and where can we see a separate video on just the brain? Thanks for your hard work, guys! Nice review!

BlackMediaPresents says:

Hey Cruisiphix thanks for checking out the review! This kit, for the money, is absolutely awesome. You are going to be super happy with it, especially with the expansions you have added. Most of us drummers don’t have the opportunity to always be able to play an acoustic set, and I have to say one of the nicest things about owning an electric is being able to play whenever you want! Thanks again for checking out the review and enjoy ur new set!

Simone Di Plinio says:

If you wanna hear how roland td-15 sounds in various songs come on my channel! And subscribe for new videos!!

Dylan Smiles says:

nice dude

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