Rogers Drums Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum Review

Get this snare drum here:–rogers-drums-dyna-sonic-snare-drum-6.5-inch-by-14-inch-black-pearl

Rogers USA returns to the drum market with the re-release of the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. This instrument is a dead ringer for early wood Dyna-Sonics of 1960s — the same model preferred by Buddy Rich for years. It features a re-ringed wood shell, Bread & Butter lugs, a patented snare rail, and Clockface throw off. A vintage-styled Black Pearl wrap completes the look. Loose to tight, the Dyna-Sonic boasts a wide tuning range and incredible sensitivity thanks to a unique snare rail mechanism.


lexhitreset says:

i take the sweater as a mr. rogers reference with the rogers snare. Sounds great…

Dan Fronczak says:

Hope they have the option to get the beaver-tail lugs with this eventually.

JulianFernandez says:

Hope Sweetwater is aware how luck they are to Nick on board… He makes all the difference!

Conner Buse says:

Nice sweater.

Wolf Warren says:

I have been waiting for this drum to come back! I love the old stuff, and when I saw that Rogers was making new snares I was really hoping that they would be as good as the originals. They definitely are. Thank you for showing them off, now I know I need one. 🙂

Dexter W. says:

I’m a Rogers fan, but I can’t see this resurgence of the brand working out.
The only ones who really know Rogers are about to literally die out.
And I don’t think new drummers care about Dynasonics or any of this.

Rogers could have worked 20 years ago when people were still collecting,
or maybe when the whole C&C/vintage aesthetic came about, but I think it’s too late.

All the fuddy duddies will get the Dynasonics they couldn’t afford when they were young, then that will be it.

Mark Keneson says:

Mr. D’Virgilio, I love your demos and your drumming. I just wanted to let you know that the device is called a damper, and it damps the drumhead. I used to make this same mistake. I had to retrain myself to stop using the wrong word. Remember to dampen is to wet, and to damp is to reduce vibration.

filthewheell says:

Nick seems comfy in that sweater

The1stFishBone says:

What kick drum are you playing and with what heads? It sounds great.

X lightning says:

Awesome snare drum one of the most iconic

Eric Estrada says:

Hoping they come out with a new chrome over brass Big R version!

Gavin Roy says:

Lovely versatile sound. Great playing as usual.

dogmart says:

1.6mm hoops? Rather have 2.3mm–sturdier, no?

Rhythmista says:

Not sure about the Rogers “come back”. Definitely a great sounding snare though..
Very vintage and modern all at once.

Larry Tate says:

I like it.

Matthew Paluch says:

Another great job Nick!
I got to play the prototype @
the 2017 Chicago Custom/Vintage
show. Bill does an excellent job on
the shells!

Alex Bowling says:

Nice dampiner ability. I’m not a drummer but I love that capability. It sounds good! Great review!

the1realanalogman says:

Important to note that the new Bread & Butter (B&B) lugs have the original look, but are not drawn brass as were the originals. This is a good thing, as the original B&Bs were highly prone to cracking and these new lugs do not have that problem. Also, the new Rogers Drums are made in the USA!

Bill Gumbleton says:

Wonder if they’ll make kits again?

drumsanddrumming says:

do you ship to Sweden?

Pettersen PlayzYT says:

Cool video

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