Review – UNMIX::DRUMS By Zynaptiq

In this video review Pro Tools Expert team member Dan Cooper takes a close look at UNMIX::DRUMS by Zynaptiq. UNMIX::DRUMS enables users to attenuate or boost drums within a mix in realtime. Dan demonstrates how he used UNMIX::DRUMS to boost the drums from a guide recording so that he hear the groove better in order to recreate the drums in a new production. Dan then attenuates the drums in the guide track using UNMIX::DRUMS so that he could continue working with the guide track vocal alongside the recreated drum groove.

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uglijimus says:

Zynpatiq puts out some revolutionary plug-ins: Unfilter and Unchirp. can’t wait to try this out as some of my favorite thrash albums have some way overzealous drums in them that need to have their presence lessened.

Smruthi Benedict says:

Is there any way to Unmix flute in a song.

Thatkidzo says:

brought mines here for 30$!!!

Ad Wes says:

I’m using maschine and my program scans the vst. But it doesn’t show up in my vst list. And i loaded some raggedy vsts they still show up on my list. They tech support doesn’t help that much either

Instrumental World says:

I installed the free trial and correctly activated it but when i try opening it in FL studio it says “Sorry but this plugin couldn’t be found or opened. If this plugin has to be registered please check that you registered it correctly” You know what I’m doing wrong?

Alex Jerome says:

Cool! What snare sample is that? In the new midi version

Michael Fomenko says:

Zynaptiq have new Plugins. ADAPTIVERB and WORMHOLE.

Gladys Lilley says:

is there a free one of these for the less fortunate lol

Benn Down says:

Did this win the most useless plugin award? I would have voted…

Wats Boogie says:

this software makes my beat go of beat for some reason

D. MC says:

Is it possible to unmix, or erase the entire song?

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