R-Drums RTB Review (acoustic to electronic snare conversion)

I’ve converted a acoustic snare drum using this RTB electronic drum trigger from the company R-Drums. This is my Review 🙂

It costs $150, which is expensive as far as drum triggers go, but it’s using some very nice components. The metal bar and brackets are made out of aluminium, and there is a block of isolation foam underneath the drum head pizeo which helps with more accurate triggering. I’ve really enjoyed playing this, it has become my favorite drum trigger I’ve tested. But keep in mind that there are other trigger systems out there for half the price. I think it’s worth the money personally.

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troublesomecorsair says:

This just-in. The new Yamaha Genos has some new “wave cycling” technology that I suspect will appear in a new drum module. Maybe it’s already in use now, not sure. It certainly sounds superb.

fallen prophecy says:

when I got a Yamaha dxtpress 4 it was 2000 bucks, now it’s 700 bucks, I’m sad

Vdrum Tips says:

Great video Justin! Just 2 things: A one-screw-lug-snare might not be suitable for a bar trigger, but for a star trigger as nothing can rotate (The R-Drums RTS for example). And about the snare being too big. It is actually the opposite. The mesh heads that do not fit are too small. I had this problem with Jobeky Heads and Millennium Heads. The aluminium Ring is too small in diameter.

johnson berke says:

nice vid m8
miss me ?

TrevorClark_37 says:

hi justin, unrelated question but i can i switch out my kick drum tower on an alesis kit? i want a bigger one and i want to make sure it will work

John D Robinson says:

great review, Justin. have a good weekend!

Matthew Kwong says:

Can you have a review for Alesis strike/strike pro?

Hog Blockula says:

the construction is so simple, why does this cost 150 bucks lol
like, the only thing that you cannot get in a regular store is this fancy ass cone

SiREN2173 says:

I would wrap it with electrical tape so it blends in cleaner.

CherryNetwork says:

Damn im early

Troysmagicmusic says:

sounds great! I’m going to give them a shot         Justin our those strike pro shells behind you in  video?

Vdrum Tips says:

I think the forearm for the cones is not existing in another colder. It is no coincidence that drum-tec, R-Drums and DDT Drums all use light blue trigger cones. Thanks fully it is not pink:D

BTS Jpscpro says:

Quick random question, is it possible to use a cy-5 cybmal as a ride?

Kevin Vitale says:

Good review as usual.

I’m not so sure about your comment and concern for the one lug and twisting bar. I believe the design accommodates a pretty solid stable direction. I don’t see how the flanges width will allow turning to the side. Mine are sitting snug against the shell and the lug is tightened enough, that bar is not moving.

Richard Yost says:

Hello I have a question. How much louder is using an acoustic setup like this over a roland TD 11kv snare. Or any roland mesh head pad. I was looking to get a pdx 100 .

Noam Ravina says:

hey; great review
you mentiond in the video you couldn’t get the croos stick 100%
is there any other trigger that does it better?

Manfred Nauer says:

you have to test the RTS II drum trigger system (M5) -> it´s even better -> https://www.r-drums.com/english/shop/rts-ii-drum-trigger-system-m5/#cc-m-product-11134598493
and please test the 3-ply meshhead from drum-tec. the combination of both is amazing. i own both 2 years ago and didn´t have to change anything. its REAL “REAL FEEL” -> https://www.drum-tec.com/drum-tec-real-feel-mesh-head?number=1004603

Michaël Martin says:

Hey Justin, is this trigger compatible with a Roland TD-25K for instance ? Can you replace any of the drum pads with those ones ?
Thanks for your videos, very helpfull !

SiREN2173 says:

Haha hydrolic press channel!

Mike Stein says:

Dude it was awesome watching you tear it up on that backing tack dam Justin you can rip it up when you want to lol !!!

Chris Meeker says:

Definitely going with these when I get do my A2E conversion next year. Nice to hear you and Mike Luke both giving them great reviews. And what’s that song you’re playing in the demo? I was groovin’ out to it hard.

Michael Thornton says:

That’s your favorite drum trigger from the two you’ve tried yet?

CrimSun says:

I don’t think you get “ghost snare hits” when you’re side sticking on an actual snare though.

Mattia Pagliaro says:

Hey,im planning to buying my first edrum kit(i’ve had an acoustic set for 3 years),is the alesis forge a good kit for 525 euros? How is it compared to the yamaha dtx400k and roland td1k? Is it really going to break within 6 months like most of people say or it will last (even the cymbals) for at least 2-3 years? Ty for the great videos they really help me out

Loud Vee Tee says:

Just wondering what setting for the trigger you used for the td30 module did you stick with the pd125 trigger setting etc?

Robert L says:

I prefer a clean look to but adding a cover could cause problems like buzzing if not set right and more money in build. They could have flipped the bar to retain structural integrity and hide the wires and rim piezo under and keep just the cone and head pickup on top but I don’t know if that was considered in development or if it caused other problems. Still nice vid

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