Product Review with Biernt – NAMM EDITION – TRUTH DRUMS

Certified gear specialist, Biernt stops by the Truth Custom Drums Booth. Don’t mind the NAMM audio. the loudest room in the wilderness.

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Diego Zapata Fonnegra says:


Julien Delaveyne says:

3:35. Biernt.

arcee corso says:

Can someone escort him out he’s so annoying

rasflorax says:

haha! your so funny beirnt!

kshepthedrummer says:

i was waiting for him to say “theses are the finest drums…..and thats the TRUTH!!”

William Tanton says:

awww man this guy has got it. there are alot of guys that do lots of serious reviews etc, nice to see a guy making it fun. what a lad

Ken Dun says:

some cymbls here but i dont care.ha!

Jon Smiff says:

Awesome possum! I would suggest setting the ZOOM to record in mono as there is a lot of fast panning in my headphones from the two mics being so close together.

David Navarrete says:

this guy is so funny XD

TheGnarlyToaster says:

Holy shit those floor toms are absolutely monstrous

Robeban2 says:

i laff u

jeremy seilhymer says:

As always………gold, Biernt, GOLD!!!!

Tony Shing Siu Sze says:

If I were Truth Drums, i would invite Matt Greiner and Brad Davis for a drum duo and drum battle

Steven Murray says:

Fuck shoes.

therapture87 says:

hahahahahahahaha. dude you’re awesome.

Big Domz says:

what the …

MultiAskHole says:

Lol there has to be secret mics or something I listened to this with headphones and shit

TIKProductionz says:

so…uhhh….. when did you come out of the closet?? lol

Erebus5620 says:

I bet the rep at the booth is like “If that guy doesn’t get his feet off that kit!!!!!” hahaha

Derek Harris says:

Remooooooo! haha

Mitch ZImmerman says:

oh don’t get me wrong, brad davis could murder those drums (and me in the process). but i wish he actually DID it.

Shaaranya Mishra says:

He’s not only funny…but…amazingly talented while playing the drums..

Lucas Navarrete says:

you are the…. deast

Ian Floeter says:

Biernt has the heart of a midwestern mom. Also, the accent.

JonJon Jahner says:

Always barefoot! Ahaha

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