Perfect Drums 1.6 Demo Review, New Features – Massive Sounding Drums

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In this video Perfect Drums 1.6, new improved version of an already amazing sounding drums module and samples. Perfect being the right word for this incredible collection of high quality snares, kicks, toms, cymbals, hi-hats all integrated into an easy to use, intuitive interface, brilliant quick controls for close mics, overhead, room, reverb and parallel processing, and a new great sounding TUNE FADER, drum pitch shifter to allow you to tune any of the instruments to fit your song with just one click.
These samples are among the very best you can find. As close as it gets to mix-ready for rock and metal and many other genres, this is not just a great acoustic drums samples collection, is a fully featured sampler where you can load your own sounds, supports multi-layer samples collections, presets for all the popular drum mapping on the market, and the possibility of fine tune any sample to perfection with the envelope section. Attack, decay, release, length, you can really refine your own samples and make them unique. Non only for rock and metal and acoustic drums, the sound designing features of the sampler work perfectly with 808, 909 and MPC type sounds for hip hop, trap and EDM
A full walk-through of the plugin, demo of all the sounds and show and tell of all its features and the new functions in version 1.6
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Mad Mike Jones says:

Loving the way these drums sound !!! I’m all about quick workflow…..don’t wanna tweak sounds forever !!!

Vex tract says:

SD? Or This one? Anybody? Great review video BTW as usual no nonsense. Thanks David.

Michael Pulido says:

First! Lol. Yes I will stop what I’m doing to watch. I’m 5 minutes in and like what I see and hear.

Realraven2000 says:

what about patterns? Do you program them from scratch or do you load library ones? For mixing versatility I have used Air Strike2 which is also pretty tweakable and sounds great but has quite a decent pattern editor. I always think of pre-made patterns as a big headstart, especially if they have a natural feel.

James Jin says:

I’m so used to work with this plugin daily that when I switch tab I incidentally clicked the plugin window in your video and tried to drag it around.

Евгений Фролов says:

Thank U so much for review! Suppose 1.6 iis the new version of the plugin cause its only 1.5 avaliable on site

Dime K. says:

hmmm… that tuning knob could be useful for an automation purposes

NickB33 says:

I don’t think i’ve heard you love a plugin as much as this haha

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