Pearl Vision Birch VBL 5-piece Drumkit Review by Sweetwater

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In this video I am playing on a Pearl Vision Birch VBL 5-piece drum kit. Birch is a wonderful wood for drums and was the wood of choice for many drummers back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Birch is known for naturally having strong highs, scooped mid range, beefy low end, and is a very desirable sound to have in the recording studio. These drums will definitely work live as well. Their projection and tone can cut through any mix.

Other then drum sticks, cymbals, and a drum throne you get everything you need in one package. The shells are 6-ply 100% Birch and you get 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″ rack toms, a 16″ x 16″ floor tom, and a 18″ x 22″ kick drum. Also included is a 5.5″ x 14″ steel Sensitone snare drum that comes with Pearl’s innovative SR-900 Duo-Motion strainer which can be converted from a side lever throw-off to a Gladstone-type throw-off.

With the drums come some really nice 900 series hardware. You get a snare stand, Hi-Hat stand, boom cymbal stand, straight cymbals stand, and the very smooth P-900 kick drum pedal. The Reference-Look Bridge lugs and kick drum bracket look very cool. You also get Pearl’s innovative and very easy to use I.S.S Tom mounting system.

Don’t forget about the look! These drums look great with the clear lacquer finish over the Birch shell.

If you are looking for a great sounding all Birch drum kit that comes with great hardware all in one package then this could be the option for you!

— Nick D’Virgilio


Daves1world says:

I always love this kit

Tyler Fulco says:

Wow can’t believe I haven’t subscribed yet! Great video! I love how you give a very in-detail review. You have yourself a new subscriber! Looking forward to more videos!

AUSS13KA0S says:

is this good for heavy metal?

Doc G says:

The mounting system is horrible IMO

עלי פיומי says:

What Hi-Hat have on set?

Kobe Miller says:

How much does that cost?

Diego Vercesi says:

Can someone please tell me what head is he using on the bass drum? And approximately what tension he uses?

Agape519 says:

Best buy for a quality drum set! #Pearl

PienkawaPL says:

How do you compare Pearl’s vision for the Tama Superstar?

Missy Victoria says:

Great sounding kit. I personally, much prefer wrapped kits. Not drums that look like furniture.. lol

NuncFluens says:

why pearl still uses that cheap drums mounting system? It’s awful.

Jamie Harris says:

Thank you for giving an accurate review of these drums! You’ve got a new subscriber 🙂

chisoxfan708 says:

sounds great! id upgrade the snare but that’s just personal preference. im almost sold!

Ismael says:

I’ve seen a lot of reviews and by the looks of it it breaks kind of easy ._. ( compared to other drums)

sheddski says:

I have a 1976 pearl fiberglass 5 piece I bought new  and this kit is  like going past the next level nice hardware and much better sounding who says they made thing better back then no way pearl has come a long way sinse 1976 all the hardware on the old kit was top of the line today its like the lightest and cheapest stuff compared to this set glad I moved up oh ya the old set is up for sale

mw13068 says:

I have this kit, and I love it. It sounds great, it’s easy to tune, and the hardware locks keep everything exactly in place, even after dozens of setups, performances, tear-downs, and storage in hot and cold conditions. It’s my gigging kit, so it’s usually packed up for quick trips around town. Whenever I miss playing it, I watch this video. 🙂

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