Pearl Roadshow 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals Review by Sweetwater

Hey aspiring drummers, let’s check out the Pearl Roadshow 5-piece complete drum set! It comes with drums, cymbals and hardware, everything you need besides a seat and sticks. Roadshow drum shells feature 9-ply poplar shells for optimal tone, molded to fabricate a resonance chamber that projects powerfully when you strike the drumhead. A drum’s bearing edge is where much of its tonal character begins, and Roadshow drums sport hand-cut 45-degree bearing edges that contact the head optimally for solid, punchy tone and easier tuning. This complete Pearl Roadshow kit includes drums, cymbals, hardware – and even sticks, a stick bag, and a setup video – so you can get up and drumming right away.

Thanks for watching – click the link below for even more info on the Pearl Roadshow Complete Drum Set, and to see different color options too!

— Nick D’Virgilio

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Samuel Kajah says:

Cymbals need improvement

PenguinMercy says:

What’s the difference between rock and new fusion kit?

Dave Gods says:

drum sounds great! but not to those cymbs

Dalton Bingham says:

to everyone who complains about those cymbals, have you ever heard of power beat brass cymbals, because they’re basically tin cans and in comparison these are actually pretty decent

Hobbes says:

the problem with reviews from stores is they NEVER show any cons, and always say how great it is

caleb_richard_coasters drums says:

I like meinl cymbals they are not that expensive

Saltfisher 14 says:

The kit sounds decent but the cymbals sound like he’s hitting a tin can.

Shadow Sloth says:

can you use a snare stand to hold that tom?

Nicolas says:

wuhan cymbal pack they proposed is very intersting

Examper says:

Is there a review for a kit with two rack toms and one floor tom.

Rhythmista says:

Great learning kit at any age, but those tin pot lids have to go.. LOL !

PTHRofficial says:

Jeez didn’t know that found a way to make a 16in splash cymbal. Good job pear

Demetrius Conley says:

If I had this drum set, I would upgrade my heads into evans because I’m a evans drumhead guy. Then I’ll probably upgrade my cymbals into wuhan new traditionals for the nice sound and price.

Nick E. Lange says:

how do you record the drums? 🙂

Mezmer says:

High hat isn’t too bad. But that crash… god. This is an amazing kit for the price, but really, if they’re gonna put one crash in there, it might as well be not iffy.

Nicolas says:

watchin again

Hobbes says:

6:30 and one to hold the snare drum stand…

Wolfganistain Pack says:

Well i have a different version of this kit and it sounds different and my kit has a tom mount

Ano White says:

my dream drum

Snake says:

Wow cymbals are teribble ..

andre limehouse says:

that crash/ride is yucky

Evan Gangstad says:

Drums sounds nice, cymbals are garbage! Great video though.

benjamin centofanti says:

if u put a plate on the pedal that would a nice pedal

Clark Koford says:

16″ splash

Spencer Holmes says:

@sweetwatersound hey! i’ve been drumming for 5 years i have a kit i’m not yet into to gigging would you say i should go for a higher end kit or would this be a good second kit?

Saltfisher 14 says:

Splash ride anyone?

Stan Smith says:

I had these and went the cymbals got beat up, the splash/ride ;), sounds like a China/ride

SiREN2173 says:

Check out my demo of the Pearl Roadshow with proper heads cymbals and mixing!

Davey28car says:

The cymbals suck. The drums are pretty nice though. I have a Pearl Export Pro drum set from 1993. They are Wine Red also. Nice color. Dude plays pretty good also. Really brings out the nice sound of the drums. The Cymbals, you could be Buddy Rich and the cymbals would still suck lol!!!!

tanner rat says:

can you do this with good cymbals and god drum heads

Number 6 says:

I want this. But if i was to get it i would get some different cymbals

GamerMuscian says:

great cheap drum set for a drummer

GamerMuscian says:

splash/ride cymbal

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