Pearl Roadshow 4-piece Complete Drum Set Review by Sweetwater

Hey everybody, here’s a great drum kit for beginners: the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece complete drum set. The Pearl Roadshow drum set is a no-hassle, one-stop-shop kit for all budding drummers looking for their first drums. It gives you everything you need to get set up and playing the drums. You get a kick drum, a floor tom, and a rack tom, a set of hi-hats, a crash cymbal, and a Pearl Roadshow Snare. With the Pearl Roadshow drum set, you can get playing right away.

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— Nick D’Virgilio

Get the Pearl Roadshow 4-piece drum kit here:


Angel Castrodad Drums says:

Review the Pearl Export!

ajay ps says:

i like this drum

Nolan Robinson says:

i just wrote a comment so that the total comments IS 69!!!!!!

The Qiu Family says:

where is the other tom?


9 ply, very cool.


i just got this same kit around a week ago. i love it. its sounds great.

Matt Chase says:

I have been thinking about getting this for practicing and jams. Is that a good idea?

Nido Drummer Joseph says:

My school just got on I tuned
It up and the snare sounds wicked and putting the bottom hat on the top makes the hi hats sounds better

Bill Loomis says:

These drums sound really good, too bad the crash doesn’t.

pacmanvideos says:

Good drumer!


Nick makes anything sound great.

The Boys3334 says:

How do you make the toms sound so great, I have this kit and my toms don’t sound near as good as yours

JulianFernandez says:

Add USA made heads and you have a great gigging kit…

David Luna says:

Spl Street bop well kill this kit!!

Blaine Morin says:

Pretty reasonable price!

TheJAZGaming says:

is this a good drum set for rock music? (im aiming towards alternative rock, but mostly rock in general)

Jason West Jones says:

I have never seen Pearl make this color before. I like it. Good compact kit for “Open Mics”

JBAikensMusic says:

Would this be good if you can already play (upper intermediate) but have never owned a set?

Saltfisher 14 says:

I’m sure these would be great for jazz drummer in like NYC where portability is needed

James Gullickson says:

I want this drum set for recording. any suggestions for Mic sets?


4-piece Drum Kit with 18″ Bass Drum, 10″ Rack Tom, 14″ Floor Tom, 13″ Snare, 14″ Hi-hats, 16″ Crash, and Hardware – Bronze Metallic

Heath Sayre says:

I recently picked up the 5 piece version of this drum kit. But I am having trouble getting the ring out of my drums. I don’t here this on yours. Could you tell me how to fix this. My drums sound horrible. I have tuned them multiple times and I have tried duct tape, but nothing seems to work

Filippos b says:

Could you please tell me Nick’s height, so I can figure out if these drums can reach the desirable height for me? I’m 1,78m nad I have my legs parallel to the ground.

King Wolf Vlogs says:

Those symbals suck ass i had one pear cymbal and in the first week iy broke and bent get your self good cymbals

Filippos b says:

Hi, I’m 1,78m and when I sit my legs are parallel to the ground. Will the floor tom be high enough for me?

Matthew S says:

I wanna stick that thing in the corner of my office.

Rawker101 says:

I know people always market these type of drums (more compact/portable set ups) as being good for beginners and children, but really they’re good for just about any use. They make for nice bare bones practice kits or actual gigging kits. Jazz kits are sized smaller than the standard rock oriented drum kits to begin with. They can still pack quite a punch and depending on your tuning skills, drum heads, cymbals and mic setup, you can get a sound pretty close to the bigger kits.

Jesse Buehler says:

I’m 5’7 and a bit larger than the average person. would I look ridiculous playing this kit?


Nick Getting this Kit sounds great and love the color !

PenguinMercy says:

Can this supply for a good rock drum kit? I want the rock one. but its $150 more and I want to know if the$150 is justified

byronius5 says:

I have this exact kit, and I tell ya it is great, great, GREAT for the money! The finish is gorgeous up close and in person! I kept the stock resonant heads on the toms, bass drum and snare drum and replaced the tom batters with clear ambassadors, coated ambassador for the snare batter, and a powerstroke 3 for the bass batter, and these drums sound awesome!

They have a short-to-medium sustain that remind me of older kits from the 50s and 60s that had reinforcing rings, so if you want a fairly vintage sound these are great for achieving that! And don’ let the bass drum’s shallower depth fool you, this thing is a mini cannon! With the powerstroke I don’t need any muffling and no port hole. To my ears, it’s a perfect blend of punch and boom for an 18″, and the smaller size is perfect for a tiny stage where space is limited.

The only reason I give it four out of five stars has nothing to do with the drums themselves, but the hardware: It doesn’t come with a bass drum lift which would be ideal for getting a more focused, punchy sound from the drum, and if you’re a taller person like me (6’2″), then the floor tom legs are not going to be long enough to accommodate your height; they need to be at least three inches longer, IMO. Clearly this kit was designed for someone between four and five and-a-half feet tall. These two problems are an easy fix, but a few extra bucks are going to have to be invested.

All around though, with these upgrades, this really is an excellent kit, and it’s been a joy to play and gig with!

Burks Didit says:

He make any kit sound good

I cat says:


toot says:

cant beat it for the price really cant so portable too

Static Airsoft says:

Could I play heavier on this? I’m a noob so I’m on a budget.

Marvin Baxter says:

When the Pitchman has to say “really” a lot, you know its really not that great

Wolfganistan Pack says:

You can a have diffrent version of this kit and i have the pearl roadshow and it came with two rac rack toms and the kit is amazing

vlogs,vlogs and more vlogs says:

please review the mapex prodigy

drumcatfairy77 says:

Just ordered 1 of these exact kits in the same color about 2 weeks ago from Guitar Center…Going to be using it as a primary kit for unplugged/acoustic gigs and parties where my regular large Pearl EXR custom kit would be much too big and loud…Can’t wait to get it…I also added an additional boom cymbal stand to it as well …

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