My Converted Tama E-Drum Snare (R-Drums RTS Trigger Review)

I took the chance to make a short review of my RTS trigger system from R-Drums as I got my new snare drum last week. Finally I’ve found a stunning looking snare: a Tama Metalworks. It fits nicely to the rest of the kit, because it stands out optically. And it shows that converted e-drum pads don’t have to look ugly.

The RTS system from Germany manufacturer R-Drums is probably the best on the market money can buy. High-quality materials in all components and built to last forever. If you think of converting your snare drum (or the complete drum set), check them out:


Manfred Nauer says:

I’m using the r-drum System too…. and you are right….but….this System is Build for positional sensing modules. If you have a Module without pos its not necessary to use such a triggersystem. But if you are using pos.. its the only and best System you can get. Thx

Huub83 Drums says:

That’s a really nice looking snare Mike, awesome! Question: what you just made, can you compare that to a Roland mesh head with positional sensing??

DarkDrift0r says:

How does this compare to the RTB?
also, those this have hotspotting? does the hotspotting need to be tweaked by the drum module as well?

Vdrum Tips says:

Exactly, it is not overengineered, it is simply a high-quality system that is properly made. I would consider it as best trigger system on the market.

DrumMan190 says:

Nice snare

Paul Ermisch says:

tolles Video, sehr informativ!

KaerioMika says:

Hi Mike, could you say me what cables you use with your module. They seems not black and it looks nice.

AR Drummer says:

Very cool snare/trigger! When your holding it looks like a car rim 🙂

HashTag says:

Two questions: first, is there any benefit to attaching this trigger system to all 10 lugs versus maybe 5? Second, is it possible to use this system with a regular drum head?

Chad Weston says:

Hallo Mike!I’ve been watching your videos and I really appreciate your guidance on the journey from using acoustic to electronic drums, as I’ve now decided to use electronic drums in my band. I recently purchased a DDrum hybrid kit and have installed mesh heads. I connected it to my Roland TD-12, however the trigger system is not very accurate. So I’m going to purchase the Rathgeber R-drums triggers for the toms, and the trigger in this video for the snare….. My question for you is this: which kick trigger would you recommend? I can’t decide if I need the RTS-BD or the RTS-BS. We play 60-80 shows a year, and I need them to trigger very accurately for live performances. At some point soon, I’m going to switch to using superior drummer instead of the TD-12, so any suggestions would help. If you’ve answered this question already, could you provide the link? Thanks, Mike!

Little Drummer Channel says:

Man this is great! Excellent presentation Mike!! This was a good and in depth look into conversions. Thanks for sharing!!

BeatlesForSaleDE says:

Hallo Mike, Danke für all deine Videos. Sehr gut gemacht , sehr informativ und inspirierend! Vielleicht hast du schon darüber berichtet oder eine Frage beantwortet – dann hab ich es verpasst. Daher frag ich mal hier: Hattest oder hast Du das “Hotspot-Dilemma”? Ich krieg es einfach nicht in den Griff und bin drauf und dran wieder auf Randtrigger umzusteigen… Hast Du da einen Tipp?

DarkDrift0r says:

How does this compare to the RTB triggers?

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