Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Series Snare Drums – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a quartet of Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Snare Drums. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, January 2018. For full specs, more reviews and the latest drum news, head to:


George Falconer says:

Good to see such informative and unbiased reviews with excellent production values.

Duke Nukem says:

Most of the times it’s hard to handle mahogany snares cause you have to find his appropriate tuning that gives you both impact and his beautiful dark-warm tone.

bb foto says:

Great review, gentleman! I own the Equinox and it’s a fantastic, versatile drum. It’s got a wide, easy tuning range and is super sensitive and articulate. IMO, its cross stick or side stick sound is one of the best I’ve heard, along with the detail & articulation of ghost notes. And as you mentioned, rimshots are fantastic as well. Aesthetically, I would have preferred simple, non-staggered vintage-style tube lugs for more of a clean, classic look.

I was also interested in the 14″ Cherry Bomb snare, but after seeing & hearing your review, not so much, so thanks for that!

dogmart says:

Mapex and quality control (10:20-10:22)–familiar complaint. Good review.

LukeBass1000 says:

Good try but Chris Dave still uses more snares with his kit! 😉

dogmart says:

Would love to see you all review some snares made by Oriollo.

bb foto says:

+Drummer’s Review

To add to my previous comment…I’d really like to see you demo the Side Stick/Cross Stick on EVERY snare drum in this review, and in ALL of your other snare drum reviews as well.

I really wouldn’t mind hearing a bit of Brushes on each as well (Equinox is fantastic for this!), but I realize that not all snare drums are geared towards playing with brushes. Still, as a professional drummer seeking a versatile, all-around snare drum for a gig or recording, this might be an important aspect.

Cheers for your great reviews!

DrumJedi says:

The Heartbreaker, tho… Man, that thing is fat.

Fantastic drumming, as always (who is he?), and a great review.

Bro Stallen says:

such a great sound. great review! sub

bandity2k says:

How ’bout crediting the drummer in your reviews? Dude has chops !

Ryan Halsey says:

Heartbreaker sounds great to me, plenty of body.

Wesley Hermanus says:

7:14 was that a drum pun Nolly? “really hit the nail on the head there”

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