Ludwig NeuSonic Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Ludwig NeuSonic shell pack and accompanying snare drum. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, July 2018. For full specs and the latest drum news, head over to our website:, and connect with us further via our social channels:


Stathis Iraklis Mavromatis says:

I do agree that the Neusonic’s price is quite high for an intermediate-pro level set. But I would that you put quality heads when you review the drums because these cheap UT heads would make any drum sound bad, and I don’t think any drummer wants to hear a drum set at it’s worst potential.
P.s Love your channel really good reviews and style

fab 5 says:

An honest review. Thanks for that. You backed up my impression on the Ludwig. For half the money, you could get some Yamaha Stage Custom or Tama Silverstar shellsets and you’d get better drums. Ludwig somehow believes that they can rip off their customers. Let’s see for how long this will work.

seitsen says:

What is that ride? I checked Meinl website but couldn’t be sure what model it is.

James Berlo says:

The Bass Drum Spurs are hardly “Flimsy” They are rugged , simple and have style. and original unlike some of the most exclusive boutique brands that use generic 70’s cheesy Japanese Spurs.
One major appeal of Ludwig is the Components and parts have such a unique style and a sophisticated simplicity that does not get dated , some of it is over 100 years old (the Speed King Pedal 1938) and is professional high quality equipment / Instruments at a moderate price.

Jeremy Smith says:

Great sounding drums

belly special says:

I was excited about this kit. Thanks for the honest review. I think I prefer the natal café racer.

The KitOwl says:

I liked the sound of this kit , but something about it looks cheap. The Sakae kits sound similar and have a great selection of finishes , so there’s strong competition at this price point. Shame about the cheap skins.

djentlover says:

That drummer is simply amazing. Even the single hits he does with the perfect angle, rebound and velocity.

Jeremy Smith says:

It would be cool if you guys put on some good heads and showed what it sounds like with some on the drums

James Lovatt says:

@Drummer’s Review. Thanks for the great reviews. Is there any chance you would review some of the Gretsch Brooklyn and Broadkaster kits, maybe a Ludwig classic maple too?

giuliano sfichi says:

I came here for the kit, but I stayed for the snare.

David Epstein says:

Kind of disappointing, but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head regarding the price point. I think one of Ludwig’s challenges in general is selling their new drums because the old drums still sound so good and are pretty widely available on the used marked at reasonable prices. I’m a big Ludwig fan and own many Ludwig snare drums, a club date kit, and a Breakbeats kit, and a classic maple kick drum. I’ve switched out all of the snare strainers on my snare drums, and I never use the stock head. To me, there’s a certain magic in the Ludwig shells themselves, and we put up with the sub-par hardware and heads because the drums are just that good.
I also wish that the 22 kick drum came in a 14″ depth.

Chip Hammond says:

Really appreciate how honest you guys are in your reviews.

James Berlo says:

Ludwig needs to be independently owned & run.

Christopher Bossio says:

For my money Ludwig all the way.

Michael McIntosh says:

Ludwig are living on past glories. There appears to be no pride in their product, and the finish on that kit looks crap. There’s just too much good, well-priced competition out there to try and sell kits such as this in that price range. I had a Ludwig kit back in the 80s, and it was pretty good. Now I have one single Ludwig drum, a recent Black Beauty, and even that is pretty shoddily finished.

DrummerGrrrl says:

Yes, I am disappointed at the high prices of Ludwig drums. For what they’re asking, one could buy several other really excellent top tier drumsets.

Josh Lentz says:

I finally realized that you are the bass player for Periphery. I love this channel, you guys do incredible reviews!

t a says:

liked every sound but the snare.

Dmitry Shkolnik says:

as far as I know, the idea for this kit was to combine u.s. production and a pricetag of under a grand. breaking any of this conditions breaks the whole point, I guess..

Blake Gowan says:

Fair review. Decent enough sound….but I would rather save my money for another Ludwig kit I like better. Nuesonic seems like the quality almost of Signet series. And those go for about 600$ US used. I’m a Ludwig fan….but I’m staying away from this series.

Peter Lazos says:

I respect your honesty pertaining to review, however I disagree with a few points. The price point is not Ludwigs fault, but perhaps the UK laws regarding. Also, flimsy spurs? They are definitely lighter in weight and streamline, but did the kick drum move? Wobble? I bet it didn’t. So, to some, this saved weight might be a bonus and a plus. Especially drummers running around from club to club. Lastly, I did not find the seam that terrible. Especially when you take into account, the exterior wrap on these kits is molded in the jig with the shell. This leaves no overlap and a perfect 100 percent adhesion. Wrap is part of the shell. By doing this, head seats better and drum rings truer. Just my 2 cents. I have heard these kits with American heads and they are hard to beat at any price point.

Volodia says:

¿this or Gretsch Catalina Maple?

b b says:

I put 2 ply made in the USA Remo clear emperor heads on toms & Remo Powerstroke 3 on the kick and it sounds as good or better than kits that I’ve owned that cost 3 times as much as this one…super light weight thin-ply shells w/no gimmicky heavy hardware, great tone & timbre , w/warm punchy lows, the cherry plies give it better attack & enable it to slice thru the mix, great for real-world gigging.. btw the skyline blue satin finish reigns supreme on this kit.. I paid $999.00 delivered tax free via Sweetwater…

Andrew3154 says:

The toms sound like cardboard boxes. Bass was okay. I would never pay that price for them.
Thank you for your frank review.

David Suprenant says:

By the way they already have the keystones kits that are less money than the classic kits.

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