Laurin Drums Snare Review

This 12″ electronic snare is at a very low price: $175 including shipping. I recently got my hands on one, and here are my thoughts.

Many different shell wrap options, including the ability to get a custom design. You can also change the mesh head type, and hardware color. The low price is pretty incredible due to all the different ways you can customize the snare.

My unit has excess glue leftover from the process of applying the shell wrap. Some lugs were crooked. The center beam that the trigger sits on is made of wood, and only the top part was painted. The bottom input was secured with a plastic L bracket that snapped (probably my fault). Trigger results were ok but not perfect.

Overall this is an incredibly cool looking product with some quality control issues. Great for people that mainly are concerned with a cool looking snare. But for me, I’d rather buy the PDX12 for $25 more (even though it doesn’t look as nice)

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Whale Friendly says:

I was drunk and I thought the title was Lorna Shore Review

LeToplache007 says:

Just wanted to ask, will you keep using SD3 with your TD-30 or will you stick with the SuperNatural sounds? IMO both sound ok, but SD3 is miles above. I’m getting my SD3 in arround something more than 2 weeks. A detailed review would be helpfull. Cheers!

Brandon Jones says:

Hey this question is unrelated to the video, but how can I hear myself drumming when recording with an Irig 2?

cresshead says:

can you buy the alesis strike pads separately?
sorta like a compromise between the 2
Other than that a nice in depth review.
Personally i’d go for ability over looks. so i’d opt for the roland.

D3afSquad says:

I wonder if you can review their cymbals too.

RedLimitsProduction says:

Can you do a review on the Alexis DM10 MKII Pro Kit?

nedtheyak says:

You mentioned hotspotting as you approach the center, but is that not similar to a real snare drum? Is it noticeably more exaggerated than a real drum I guess?

Pratyush verma says:

Love your videos. Continue the good work.

Enrique says:

Excellent Review! I would prefer the PDX-12 as well.

D3afSquad says:

I’ve had my eye on this snare for some time. Glad to see you do a review on this. (cool skins)

Brian Dougherty says:

Great video as always, build quality was super disappointing though.

Phil Bickmore says:

I was considering buying a 12 inch kick drum from laurin,anyone have any hands on info about them

McGuinty2 says:

I got one about a month ago, overall I’m pretty happy with it. Mine has the ringing sound as well but I can only really hear it with my speakers or headphones muted. It definitely has a very noticeable center hotspot but I’m going to try your settings as a jumping off point as it appears you’ve managed to tame it much better than I have (I also haven’t tried adjusting the sensor height itself so that may have something to do with it).

I think the rim piezo is placed where it is to be as close as possible to a normal cross-sticking position when you have the drum mounted so the output jack is opposite from you. Mine is not as close to the top edge of the shell as yours so that definitely seems like a QC problem.

I got mine with the chrome hardware which looks very nice, but sadly the white mesh I also ordered from Laurin is more of a bluish-lavender-white color next to the rest of my Roland heads, so my first stop was the drum shop to buy a 12″ PowerPly head. Muuuch better, and I recommend anyone considering this trigger to do the same if pairing it with V-Drums (still ends up cheaper than a PD-128S or a PD-140DS if you want one that works on a snare stand). As a bonus, it also sounds much more like a real silenced acoustic drum than my PD-85s or my old snare, the PD-105 which now serves as my 2nd floor tom.

Edit: Also don’t order one if you rock Yamaha, unless you’re willing to sacrifice two(!) stereo inputs.

Bora Kaplan says:

That floor tom sound though.

John D Robinson says:

an attractive looking snare (from a distance), Justin

Mudge07 says:

An honest breakdown of the internal and external components and plenty of guide notes to shape your choice of purchase too. Cosmetically it’s a winner, although the poor finishing touches and what looks like poor rim bevelling would dissuade me from buying this particular item. With a few minor quality improvements, they would make it more desirable.

Nareg Farhadian says:

I think I am going to buy this

Vdrum Tips says:

Great video. However. For me, this is not even a product. I see it as below DIY. It is an absolute failure technically and quality wise. There is no dampening system between head piezo and bracket, which makes it impossible to set up the correct trigger setting on some modules. I am mostly shocked that they did not even build it properly despite knowing they send it to a social media influencer for presentation. This is by far the worst e-drum “product” I have ever seen. Sorry for the harsh words, but it had to be said.

Az The Drummer says:

Great review have you started hitting harder now

Archie Hennessy says:

Are you sure it’s not Yanrin?

Timothy Krier says:

Thank yo for another informative video. It looks like the top edge of the shell was cut really rough. They probably used a dull blade or fed it through the saw too fast. I gues it doesn’t really matter with and electric drum. It just looks a little shotty.

Bruce Perkins says:

Good grief. What hunk of crap.

Brett Sepulveda says:

How would you compare them to Jobeky drums in terms of quality?

Ryan Bastick says:

I wouldn’t get one for use as a snare replacement, but I would consider using one as a floor tom.

Marko Marković says:

Hey Justin, are you going to make “first impression” video about ATV aDrums?

Laurence Moser says:

I have the alesis dm10x replaced by the strike pro..very similar. The alesis snares are not deep enough for a standard snare stand. Bought the laurin snare (in black leather). I absolutely love it..looks better,soinds better, taller and triggers well with alesis modules. I highly recommend it. Hind sight..get the 14 inch floor tom and use it as snare instead of 12 inch that Justin reviewed. Also bought 16 inch ride..better than medelli cymbals alesis use. My bell stopped triggering but the owner stood by his product and shipped me new..piezos just arent what they used to be

David Tyree says:

It’s cheap and nasty!,poor quality mesh head and electronics,and the MDF mount that supports the piezo.I bought one three years back to use on an Alesis kit.
It was an improvement,but after I upgraded to a TD30 it was obvious the quality wasn’t in the unit.
I now use it as a second floor tom,but had to fit a Roland mesh head to get a decent sound!,the rim triggers when it feels like,I have the same drum patch on head and rim to avoid problem.
Not recommended by me at all!.

Noone Nowhere says:

It’s like a hot girl that is sucks in’s nice to look at but lame to play with

Derek Frampton says:

Thanks for the review. For the money, they’re built REALLY cheap. I could make a much better quality one myself with better innards for that price.

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