KZ ZST Review (A Drummer’s Perspective) Bearded Drums ( Episode 42)

Today we are taking a look at another KZ product the ZST hybrid in-ear monitor. The KZ ZSTs are a hybrid setup of balanced armature and a dynamic driver that semi-molded universal fit. These monitors come shipped with the accompanying cable and silicone ear tips. The cables are detachable and can also (at least with this setup) used in conjunction with a cell phone to answer/decline phone calls and control volume. The build quality is nice and also the the coloring is a very cool mix to give them a nice look. As for my thoughts after testing the ZSTs, I was very happy with their performance. They worked so much bette than the previous pair I tested, the ZS3s. Sound quality was good especially when used with electronic drums. When used with acoustic drums the quality was still good but I noticed the scooped EQ profile a little more. These monitors do have good bass but they do kind of lean a little to the highs more than the lows but this is pretty common with universal in-ears or budget monitors. As for the comfort factor they weren’t terrible, I used the supplied silicone ear tips more than the memory foam ones I additionally purchased because they fit my ears well and provided enough isolation while playing. The only real downside I found was after using them for several hours they began to wear on my ear and became uncomfortable. Even though the memory wire cables kept them in place these monitors are a little larger than some other universal fit ones and can b a little irritating after extended periods of use. All in all though these are a great choice for budget in-ear monitors and would also make a great back up pair if something were to happen to your main setup. If you are interested in the KZ ZSTs click the link below 👇

🔴 Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid Banlance Armature with Dynamic In-ear Earphone 1BA+1DD Hifi Headset (colorful ZST MIC)

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That-guy-in-class says:

Try the new zs4?

Same design with the zs3
but with a Balanced armature

Andrew McCorkell says:

ZST is probably the best all round performance price iem in the KZ range. Love it and cannot see the point of paying more for an iem if your in the under Usd 100 market

Rio A.S says:

If you interested in KZ brand, you should try ED2/EDR2, they are not an over-ear type, but its better than ZST.

Kuma Tech n' Gadget says:

I Think ZST is more suitable to a drummer, because the low and high freq is good for all drum set acoustic sound. As you said too in this video.

Ian Bungay says:

can you please review the zs6 quad driver they said you need to spend time and burn that buds to give the most of the sound they have great reviews too can you check it out thanks

Emerson Uy says:

Request…qkz dual coil earphones..thank you

Version Eleven says:

Your cables are on the wrong way hahaha

Tony Lancer says:

I’m quite impressed with this review honestly. I’ve been skeptical about them, but from a drummer’s perspective, this is amazing.
And then the KZ ZS10s came out and now I am stuck again, but I am definitely getting them.
I wonder how a KZ ZS10 handle live situations like you’ve described.

Thanks, Bearded Drums! 😀

Sean Conway says:

Hi, how did you find the sound isolation? I play pretty hard and I looking for something that will protect my hearing

David Greenwood says:

Insighful review on how you EQ’d these, thx!

Reynaldo Tulagan says:

I’m listening to this with my ZST

Ryan Ferreira says:

your cables are in the wrong way


I received mine about two weeks ago and they are way better than I thought, for the $18.00 I paid for them!! Thnx for the review

Jaee SRT8 says:

KZ:ZSR,ES4 and changing the upgrade cable and ear tips,you would find another experience on this budget IEM brand.

Scott Shireman says:

Thanks for the review! I’ve got a couple pairs of these, one for rehearsal room and the other as my back ups for my road gig.

Jake Adams says:

Spot on with the review Drum Nerd.

Marc Hughes says:

I just got my ZS10s today, and WOW! They sound fantastic!!

Mohamad Hafiz Tahir says:

Thanks mate. Got the information that I need. Cheers from a noob drummer from Malaysia. So now I know which to choose between ZS3 & ZST. As ussual nice review. Thx.

Caique Henrique Alves Ferreira says:

I bought this zst and it has one kind of low noise that is easier to listen when you are playing a music that isn’t so loud.. Is it happening with your zst?

Jj Peji says:


José Ferreira says:

From what I see in the video – and please check the image in the box – the cable is inserted incorrectly in the earphones. That affects sound quality. So maybe they are even better 🙂

Lucas Schroeder Rossi says:

I have one pair of KZ ATE that I use as an in-ear monitor while drumming on the stage. It’s really cheap and I like the quality! You may take a look.

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