Keith Merrow – Getgood Drums (GGD) Demo and Review

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flávio Dias says:

style demais

Felipe White says:

Where i can download this studio one session?

ICULookin says:

That intro bit sounded like Nile…

Ordacleaphobia says:

I love how the weather is as grim and frostbitten as the playing was.

Merritt Mussorgsky says:

Would love to see new studio. Please make a video!!!!

Tyler Akbary says:

My man Keith Merrow, the tone GOD. Good shit

Maniek 76 says:

Hello Keith. What are you using to program drums (keyboard, mouse) ? What kayboard do you have on that video ?

Mid Yop says:

What DAW is that?

David Hettenberger says:

Watching a video demoing a drum library and not getting over how fkin awesome that guitar tone is.. :O

Aaron Enix says:

As a musician, how can you make enough money to afford all of the equipment he has? Does he have a day job or something like that? I’d love to quit my job and focus on the stuff I want to, but financial stability kinda impedes me from doing so. Any advice would be great

jmuir84 says:

WOW! The blue looks great!!

Foivos Sk says:

I think i’ll by your green Schecter just cause of the looks of it,even if i don’t need the sustainiac and the floyd.Just sick instruments.

Sawyer Smoak says:

Awesome to see you doing reviews again, hope there’s more to come.

Mika Tarkela says:

Was there supposed to be a shared preset somewhere? Can’t find it 😀

Chris Gardino says:

Hell yea Keith! Nice review

Jay Mason says:

Woah… haven’t seen you upload a vid with face and talking for years… the hair man… fucking hell dude you’re looking slick man

Joshua Frederick says:

can u import midi for the drums?

Jack Zekian says:

what’s that outro song?

Ross Cloughley says:

UFT !!!

Mike Banzon says:

What are those bigger studio monitors called? Who manufactures them?

Patrick Simon says:

digging everything but the snare, it sounds a little dull.

John leslie says:

kick ass im still learning thanks for your video’s have helped alot in recording and learning how to record…..if you would it would be great if you could check out Jester Silence at reverbnation and give me some input would be awesome ….

Atif Azim says:

Holy fuck Keith looks different with his long hair!!

J.S. PropTail says:


JayB B says:

o lawd yeas! such great studio, such great guitar…and the hair..

Richard Williams says:

sounds killer m/

Dan Capeau says:

Very Cool! I have GGD and it’s amazing. Any idea how to download the session?

Heath Smith says:

Dat grim snow outside the window.

Studio walkthrough plz 😛

HellBlast Records says:

I miss bald Keith, anyway he still badass!

Elias Palmén says:

How do I get the superior maping? it doesn’t exist among the map setting presets

Terran Lucas says:

Sick stuff as always, how you liking Studio One 3?

mrodr008 says:

Dood that hair. haha haven’t seen your vids in a while. Killer.

Clncere says:

Kieth… you couldn’t do a better demo than this… you won at making demos.. damn. Amazing work!

uza3 says:

Please do a video of how to route this to multiple bus tracks in Studio one, Im crying trying to make it work T.T

Hank Hill says:

Your hair keeps getting more and more metal.

Rudy Ayoub says:

how long did that hair take to grow

Zack Perkins says:

digging the hair buddy looking straight up badder as than you already are…..also you play very well BTW lol

Martin Vegh says:

I would love a tutorial on how you actually install the plugin. I understand the theory behind showing the setup once it is in the correct folders, but there is some people “me” that doesn’t know how to put the files into the right maps. Love your work Keith.

Tedy Alamsyah says:

wow Meze cans!!!

imdartson says:

Thats a lot of individual hits to alter the velocity on. Is there a way to alter multiple at once?

vigaren says:

insane riffs and super tight playing as usual with Keith!

Allen Harrison says:

The kick sounds buried to me in my monitors, but I’m sure you could fix that with your nice plug ins lol

luketama1 says:

can you explain your keyboard. why is it colors

Collectives says:

I think it’s time for another studio update. this whole rig looks insane man

tubeampsrule1 says:

Now I’m torn between this or the Eyal Levi Drumforge pack.

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