ION Pro Session Drums Review

I wanted to make this video because all the videos I saw on youtube for this kit weren’t very good nor detailed.
I hope I gave good info and showed you how the kit really is when you get it home.
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Fellow Americans says:

i loved ur solo!

Abnormal Sam says:

hey dude, nice review, i was just wondering if you knew how to connect this drum kit to guitar hero?

Kishor Nepal says:

hey do you know where to get the extra cymbal for the ride cymbal?

Matias Quevedo says:

hello! sensitive??

Paul TheSkeptic says:

AWW shucks. I’m jes practisin fer m church. I can’t really play. ;-> sorry I couldn’t resist

Ra Ra says:

awesome video! thanks!

ethan plays btd says:

how much is is it

TDTHR3E says:

Do you mean 1/4″ cables (quarter inch)? Those you can buy anywhere.

VerisonMember says:

As a drummer of over 10 years, I was actually surprised with how realistic the sounds were. I have a real drumset and have used many different drum software. The sound is very good for the price. It all depends on what you have it being amplified out of. I have mine coming out of a 45 Watt Behringer Keyboard amp.

VerisonMember says:

Also you can improve the sound easily by adjusting the reverb on my amp.

kynancecove says:

dEAR Brother I am Just giving you very friendly advice that’s ALL nothing more ive been playing many many years & boy do I have drumming problems still certainly after my Brain Hem +Mas s t r o k e .to develope the foot can take many yearsand that pedal with triger will be destroying your ability it is definately holding you back buy a REAL PEDAL& a Pedal

DatWazEz says:

He doesn’t have room for a throne but he does for a fucking office chair

Tasteful Tuna says:

Can this kit be mapped to other MIDI instruments easily? Like, would it be compatible with a different sound module or, say, a sampler?

dMilz714 says:

I know this video is almost 4 years old but I wanted to thank you for your honest review.  My wife found one used that looks like it was barely used for $75.00.  It is for my 8 year old son who already has a Fender Mini Strat and a mini acoustic guitar but now says he wants to play the drums.  School starts in a few weeks and the music teacher says he will need a set at home to practice on.  He also has a small room and I think he will love this kit.  I play the bass so when he is not practicing with headphones we can plug it in to my Fender Bassman amp and get a real feel for what it sounds like.  I have a feeling you don’t like the way it sounds because you are using pc speakers.  I will let you know after I plug it into my bass amp how it sounds.

Antonio Sagrado says:

That’s bad=(

Jezryl Alfanta says:

I thought its alesis dm6 lol

chingensaiXX says:

hello! Where on the drum brain did you plug in the cable that connects to the computer? What kind of end was opposite to the USB head? thanks!

Scott Read says:

For 2 years of playing, u are really good
And can u download sounds to the brains

VerisonMember says:


Tracey Charpentier says:

thanks for the video!  I just bought this kit used from craigslist for my 7 year old son to learn on, your video definitely helped my decision… we live in an apartment so space and sound are factors for sure… thanks again!

TDTHR3E says:

Well I’ve been working with drums for quite a while now. I’ve worked with real drums as well as sampled drum kit software (EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer, Roland TD-12, etc) and when you compare this to that, this is terrible. It sounds fake because it is. These are basic digital samples that weren’t recorded with real drums.


can you turn the hihat pedal into another kick pedal?

amir balaie says:

I have the same model and I want to buy a cymbal to have both ride and crash. Do you have any recommendation? Where can I buy it from?

___ says:

Hey bro great review , I’m getting an offer but I need to know if I can use a software with this kit to change each pad sound or something , please let me know cause’ I’m really looking forward to…

Thanks a lot (Y)

TheZappster99 says:

I would also like to know this

Marcus Lopez says:

Thanks for the video buddy! Just found one these around my area, ION IED11. Is this the same model of yours? Thanks again!

Dingowacker says:

Thought you were going to show how rocker pedal works on electronic switch/rocker

kynancecove says:

apedal practise pad it’sUBER IMPORTANTfor the DRUMMER to FEEL the responce of pad & ACCELERATION from the SPRINGS of the PEDAL plus the INERTIA FELT from the HAMMER+CAM & CHAIN ALTERING their KINETIC ROTATION all this ALL THIS CAN BE felt THROUGH THE PEDAL DYNAMICLY.DUMP THE PLASTIC+TRIGGER ment with kindness

web os says:

so, i can use this drumkit ion pro with ezdrumer or superior drummer??

TDTHR3E says:

Yes, you can.

Jón Hall Ómarsson says:

is it possible to import new drum samples into the brain? or mayhaps use it with ezdrummer or something?

tallballplayer says:

I had this kit when I was younger until I bought a Roland td 9kx2

Kazuma says:

4:41 – Dollars or pounds?

TDTHR3E says:

Nope, you cannot use software with this kit.

TDTHR3E says:

You can’t, sorry! Doesn’t have the inputs!

Frank Haro Ramirez says:

did u buy it?

Tartaruga Santos says:

Qual a diferença desta bateria para o modelo alesis usb kit? :/

Bill Irish says:

My son is having the same issue with the bass pedal.  Did you ever replace yours with a real pedal and kick pad?

Max Tanner says:

how are you connecting this to your mac?

Rafael S. Nascimento says:

Hi, do you know if i can plug it in the computer and use some program to do the sound? like the superior drummer?

1xstew says:

Excellent review well done and thanks . .

VerisonMember says:

No, I mean the set of 9 wires that has the plug that goes into the brain.

TDTHR3E says:

Yea it doesn’t have a midi connection :/

bwc3821 says:

I must’ve missed it, did he mention how the set up a real bass pedal to the kit? I’ve never played e-drums before but I’ve been cautioned against their pedals. I have a real pedal of my own I could use, I would just need to know how to hook it up to the kit.

Also, how loud are the pads, acoustically? My room echos pretty badly (trying to fix that) and I have roommates so sometimes even loud drum pads can be too loud for my apartment.


Thanks for the replies.

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