I Recorded A Song With High-Tech Invisible Drums

These cutting edge invisible drums are seriously awesome.

Get the final version of the song by super-subscribing on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/song-download-17551901

Buy aerodrums: http://amzn.to/2FAI0Ke
You’ll need a Playstation Eye camera too: http://amzn.to/2pbnwNT

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ALL THE MUSIC & CAMERA GEAR I USE: https://kit.com/RoomieOfficial


Business contact: roomiebusiness@gmail.com

Video edited by Jonas Frisk
Song mixed by Eric Johansson at Revenue Music Group


rubber duck ラバーダック says:

0:55 ASMR

Geo Synth says:

Your speaker stands are cool

Kees De Vries says:

can you even hit the cross – stick with those drums?

WellHelloThere says:

someone please edit it and take out the drum sounds so he looks he’s just whacking around sticks like an idiot
i literally NEED that

Dayddestroyer says:

i just thought what if there was a fatal collision with the metal balls on sticks with balls that have a stick

Phantom Blade says:

Heh tech review more like *clap* *clap* year review…

Creits to pewdiepie

nerf is life says:

1:00 hahahaaha

Choco Loco says:

Vat19 american made

Alliah Castro says:


Emran Rony says:

But can you do this?


where are the rami memes?

The Overseer says:

Electronic drums have changed a lot. You should watch jacksepticeyes vid, or just try one out

Barry Allen says:

song that he plays at the end?

A Person You May Dislike says:

So Those Mirrors make Drum Sounds?

Harold Petiluna says:

Never seen him so serious llaying drums…

Harold Petiluna says:

ROOMIE:*tech review*
1 cellphone dies

k.p. cohder says:

Its vrom vat 19

Rachel Wong says:

is it me or you kinda look like Cole Sprouse at 1:04???

joshua gonzales says:

You stole that from pewdiepie

Kashan Khan says:

When you run out of original content

Sean Griffin says:

I’m sorry, but without the bounce playing the drums is no fun.

RHS Media Resources says:

This technology got inspired by mr. Bean

SniperLord5 says:

I really don’t understand how much of a god at music production Roomie is

Diamond Vo says:

“iTs crAzY kOoL” ~roomie 2018

Peyton Spencer says:

1:06 The face of regret

10,000 subscribers without videos says:

Help me get 10,000 subscribers before december

Jennifer says:

But can you do this?

Lena Ackerman says:

Hes like

= _ = *proceeds to hit air*

= ^ = *still hitting air*

= – = *continues hitting air*

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