I GOT NEW DRUMS!! Unboxing/Review

Unboxing and reviewing Roland TD-25KV electronic drums.

Today I am reviewing the Roland TD-25KV Drumset. I have to say, this kit is incredibly fun to play! Between the different presets and the amount of customization, this kit provides hours of entertainment. Personally, I love how easy this kit is to set up, customize, and record! I believe it is an excellent addition for any drummer on all skill levels!

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Adnan Al Hashmi says:

#355 here: i like those timelapses!

Chris Riordan says:

Really nice..check out Thomas lang , he got some great practice lessons

Joel de Jong says:

You have to use the solid side of your beater. When you use the soft side Then there wil be dust on the inside lf your kick and then your trigger wil be onresponsive not reliable at all. Have fun with your drums. I have the td15kv.

Julian Andreas Wiggins says:

Sounds great! I like it!

Cassandra Bullock says:

The best unboxing skills I have ever seen. EVER.

Astronaut2005 says:

Congratulations! Enjoy your new e-drum!

John Payne says:

I just thought I would ask, what do you not love about this kit? The only thing I can, really wish for and change would be the snare size and maybe the floor tom. DrumTec has the Diablo 12 or 13 inch electronic snare, which would go great with this kit, that’s what I’m thinking about, adding, and using the snare PAD as an extra tom!

Hear Guitar says:

You have an awesome set up. Enjoy the drums.

Dennis Rivenburg says:

Don’t use a felt better on the kd9 because it will degrade the cloth, use a plastic beater or wood.

Lacey Johnson Music says:

Thank you so much for all of your comments and suggestions! Since this video, I’ve switched my beater and changed all sensitivity to my liking!! Thank you everyone!

Ian Soberano says:

TO lacey I am a drummer too I am thinking of getting a Roland Electronic drums(TD 30K) cause I can add more cymbals to the kit and other stuff. Glad you play from 1 drummer to another rock on.

no name says:

Happy you got your drums! I don’t know if you remember but i left a comment asking for Fight Song by Rachel Platten on your Taylor Swift/D Lovato cover and you said you will as soon as you get your drums sooo would love that 🙂 cheers!

Pericles Underhill says:

I literally JUST ordered the TD-25KV, I can’t wait to set it up!

Mike Mike says:

Roland hands down the best electronic drums. Good luck

Klaus Silberbauer says:

Congrats with the TD-25KV. I have a similar set and love it. Some tips: 1) Always use the plastic half of the beater on the kick. The felt *will* eat through the padding of the kick pad. 2) Always turn your cymbals (and hihat) so that the logos are pointing straight away from you for maximum sensitivity. The sensors and choke zone are placed in the lowest quarter of the cymbals. Mounted correctly on the stand they will stay in that position. 3) If you haven’t already, make sure you calibrate your hihat regularly for much better feel and sound.

gords913 says:

nice rack lol

The World says:

Does it have double base drum

Ar Saxophone says:


Jason Stevens says:

You should turn your drum beater around, use the hard rubber/plastic side, the felt isn’t great for the kick

Cassandra Bullock says:

Also nice drumming 😉

William Westerband Jr. says:

Cool! Now go learn how to play them.

John Payne says:

Believe me you’re going to love this drum kit, I got mine from Kraft music last year!

SiREN2173 says:

Very nice kit there! Good investment no doubt and nice to see more female drummers on the scene!

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