I Got A Drum Kit!

I finally bought a drum kit so I thought it would be fun to show me putting it all together

World’s Best Pizza ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVo3ihjoFuQ

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Edited by: https://www.youtube.com/user/pixlpit

Outro animation created by the super cool pixplit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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Allison Kessel says:


Mitchell Plaskett says:

I found a cam at top left

DK rose says:

Sean your amazing at drums. I have been learning drums for about 4 or so months. And yes DRUMS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!.

Tegan Thrussell says:

$9,000. You just broke my heart Jack… I want this so bad!!

Christian Sánchez 2 says:


Bubba Baseball says:

My phone glitches out and put my volume on full blast right at 5:40 when he says “yo! Wassup”

DK rose says:

Could you please do more drum videos or lesions for drums or something. Thanks lots

Kakashi Art 7 says:

15:30 makes me happy look at his smile

Calum Cooper says:

I literally went “aaagh” out loud when he said electric drums oops

tim mobile says:

You its ya boy yt

Smosh mem I think dk


i play drums too

zozotyra lala says:

ahhhhhhhhh my dream kit………..one day

Withered Cheese Puffs says:

You are awesome at this!

TRIP OG says:

Do you play giitar

Daith says:

Now, do some Infant Annihilator!

Spartan _Rager says:

Could you do a house tour?

TomBomb 263 says:

Jack please do some more drums

Owen Murawski says:

Sean got dem foot chops

Harlene Caparros says:

Play The Devil In i By Slipknot

Cristina Johnson says:

I have so much more respect for him now

Jacob Anderson says:

What kind of kit is it?

AnOkayDrawer 07 says:

Back at it it again with the drumming skills!

Withered Cheese Puffs says:

Jack looks like a little kid with that beautiful smile!

Moon Hattel says:

I use Roland

Elle Dickinson says:

jack would destroy you jared dines

Expert Cultist says:

Hey guys I play guitar and bass

ion elite says:

More drum videos SEAN please for the love of jimbaluchi

Wraemi Schmidt says:

Please marry me

Mari Garcia says:

Anyone else listening to Raised to the Ground now?

Dante miller says:

its in 17:32

Rachel Maynard says:

i do a drumming club at school and we have that drum kit there and i can play better then my teacher who teaches me he said do what you can and i did every beat i could possibly… see ya jack

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