Gretsch Renown Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Gretsch Renown fusion shell pack. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, January 2019. For full specs, please visit our website:, and to connect with us further, check out our social media channels…


pimpleburger says:

Those toms! Great projection; perhaps overshadowing the kick, slightly. I have a Gretsch Renown Purewood in Mahogany 24/13/16 with a 14′ inch snare–the snare is great BTW. The resale value of the Renown kits suck in comparison to a Gretsch USA kit.

Eberhard Gräf says:

Great review, thanks! It really highlights the major charakteristics of the set. I purchased this kit last year with 22 bassdrum and 16 FT. Phenomenal sound and quality!
I sold a highend Yamaha kit to finance this Renown and did not regret it for one second…In my opinion the Renown can keep up with any other highend kit! It sounds best in medium to high tuning, the downward tuning range is rather limited…it sounds huge, punchy, lively with lots of tone on recordings though! I recommend it for any style and any level of playing!

Hollis Prince says:

Love the sound of those toms!

LeonDormido says:

Great sounding kit! In terms of tuning; what fundamental notes do you usually tune the toms to when tuning 10,12,14 or 10,12,16?

David Wilcox says:

Sounds amazing!

Kirsten Ray says:

I love my Renowns RN2s. I married it with a Gretsch USA Bronze Snare. I have silver oyster pearl which looks great especially under lights!. They are easy to tune, the build quality is great! I really love the way they sound. The 20″ bass drum is drowned out by the rest of the kit. Of course, micing would fix that, but I’m trying different muffling techniques and possibly different heads to get the best unmic’d sound I can. Plenty of folks using 20″ bass drums for rock so not worried about getting the goods from it.

Michael McIntosh says:

One of the problems with the sound on these videos is (not what you’re expecting) that it’s almost too good. I find every kit sounds great! It would be interesting to hear all the kits without mics, and just recorded straight to a decent camera, like a Zoom Q8.

chickenbeforeegg says:

Out of all the “mid-range” kits I’ve seen, this line takes the cake for sure. Gretsch always sounds fantastic, and the price of the more premium builds reflects that as well as the quality of construction. However in my opinion NOTHING beats out the Renown series for price/performance. You get the crystal clear, elegant sounding shells, the stellar build quality, and the screaming deal of a price, which is why I said “mid-range”, because of the very humble pricing compared to how they sound. This will be my next kit for sure! (P.S. thank you for demoing the Fusion sizes, my favourite shell pack and surprisingly devoid of reviews on YouTube) 🙂

Johnny James C says:

Gotta admit. renowns sounds pretty damn good for the price point, but I hate the rn2 changes. Wish i could buy an RN1 with diecast hoops and a virgin bass drum.

gerke says:

I have the 2004 renown maple turqois oister 6 piece limited kit and i still love it.Great sound no mather what batterheads you put on.1ply -2ply or hydraulic.I think these are one of the best drums are in drumworld.

Chris Alexander says:

Great review, thanks guys!

Mitch ZImmerman says:

Nolly is ruthlessly professional, like damn. Every one of these reviews blows every other comparable channel out of the water.

Marko Marković says:

That finish is so beautiful! What snare was used in this review?

Kenneth Jensen says:

Have the same set of RN2. Just with snare. And they sound amazing with Evans UV 1 and reso 7 head’s.

SamBrant Drums says:

I’ve been thinking about possibly getting a Gretsch renown kit recently and then this video popped up in my email and now I am really heavily considering it. Love the video!

EverythingisFire says:

Ouf! Those sound & look fantastic! I’m not a big fan of wraps, especially sparkle, but these definitely ‘pop’.

Zack Edge says:

I love Gretsch. The sound most importantly, is unmatched by any other company, in my opinion. They are absolutely wonderful drums, no matter the kit, price, build Etc.

Roger Tarczon says:

I’ve been playing two different sized Gretsch Renown kits since 2003 The Best !!!

Bruce Wayne says:

Haha! First like and comment! It would be great if you could do a comparison between drilled and virgin bass drums. Having the tom mount on the bass drum is much more comfortable and practical, but I wonder how much does it really affect the sound. Great job! Greetings from Argentina!

Tailgunner says:

I enjoyed the floor tom the most out of them! Are the hoops a little bit ,,bigger” than from the other manufacturers?

Michael D. Bauer says:

Wow! Wide open and classy. Amazing.

Matt ‘Flo’ Howard says:

Great review Nolly!!

Matthew Sherman, CPA says:

Recently restored a Renown Bubinga Purewood. Amazing.

Roy Beckerman says:

Sound rather highly tuned.
Lacks the warmth of the Brooklyns or Broadkasters.
Lovely kit, however.

Judas Maccabeus says:

I agree with the comment by Tailgunner in here, in that I too am impressed with the floor tom. I also liked the 20″ bass drum.

I must admit that I am a Gretsch kit player myself, so I might be a little bit biased, but I thought this lower end (lower on the budget scale) was rather impressive, and provides a great bang for the buck. I would put this kit up against any other manufacturer at the same price point, and I bet it would be hard to find another one that sounds this good and is as versatile as this one for the money.

Great review, guys!

Sid Marks says:

Beautiful, fluid playing and succinct review. That floor tom……wow. The bass, for some reason, hurt my ears and annoyed me after a while. Don’t know why, but I’m part dog. (which part is debatable)
Still no signs of Sonor SQ1?
Great work, keep on please.

jetdriver26 says:

Not a fan of the new tom mounting system. Doesnt look “Gretsch”. Sounds amazing though!

EastBay MauiBoy says:

I really Love these Renown kits. They have a great tone and they’re beautiful. Styling is excellent, and like you said, they’re very satisfying to play. Thanks for the vid…
Can’t wait for that Tama Starclassic W/B vid 😉

Max Constable says:

My go to kit is a Gretsch Renown, 22″, 12″ and 16″ in Blue Oyster finish (Ringo Starr esque). I play in a hardcore band and every time I’ve recorded with it the engineer says “GRETSCH? For hardcore?!” And every time at the end of the session they’ve told me it turned out to be one of the best sounding kits they’d had. Love this kit, for hardcore, jazz, weddings, whatever, it’s never let me down!

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