Gretsch Drums Energy Series 5-piece Drum Kit Demo by Sweetwater

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In this video I am playing a Gretsch Energy Series 5-piece kit. This kit is a great value for the beginning drummer because you get some nice hardware and cymbals along with the drums. Gretsch has been in the musical instrument business since the 1800’s and are well respected for their sound and quality. Even though these drums are made for the new drummer in mind, they still come with that great Gretsch sound due to the drum shells and their bearing edges. Gretsch wants to inspire you to play and keep improving. If you have a great drum sound in front of you then it sure makes it easier and more fun to get to the next level.

Great Gretsch sound
These drums sport 7-ply poplar shells that have 30-degree bearing edges. You get 7″ x 10″ and 8″ x 12″ rack toms, a 14″ x 16″ floor tom, an 18″ x 22″ bass drum, and a 5.5″ x 14″ snare drum. Plus the nice feature of 5-lug configurations on the 10″ and 12″ rack toms. All of those things add up to that special Gretsch sound. Especially the 30-degree bearing edges. Most drums these days have 45-degree edges. That is by no means a bad thing; in fact, it gets great tone from the right drum. Gretsch typically give their drums a 30-degree edge. Even their high end drums. It gives the drums a bit more warmth to their sound because the the surface area between the hoop and shell is maximized. The sharper the edge, the more attack you get so with the edge a little rounder and a little less angled you get a nice rich drum sound. The slightly shallower sizes of the rack toms are also a nice feature especially if the person playing these drums happens to be a kid, or an adult for the matter, that is not very tall. The rack toms can get set low to the kick drum for a very comfortable set up.

Everything you need
With this package you also get some nice double-braced hardware and cymbals. It comes with a snare stand, a straight stand, a hideaway boom stand, and a chain drive hi-hat stand with a redesigned footboard. The kick drum pedal has been upgraded with easily adjustable beater angle adjustment, a smooth footboard, and a two-way beater. The only piece of hardware that does not come with this package is the drum throne.

You can have a drum set without cymbals, but that is like having peanut butter without the jelly. It’s possible but not nearly as good. With this package you also get a set of Sabian SBR cymbals: 13″ hi-hats, a 16″ crash, and a 20″ ride. The cymbals have a bright shimmer to their sound, and are a nice compliment to these drums.

I have to mention how cool this drum kit looks. It comes with a black PVC wrap that looks great under stage lights. There are also Gretsch mini lugs, a branded ball/socket tom holder, and stylized Gretsch Energy pedal boards.

This Gretsch Energy Series 5-piece kit is great value for the money. It sounds good, and you get everything you need (except for the drum throne) to get playing. The quality, sound, and long history of Gretsch will inspire you to make great music. Thanks for watching!

— Nick D’Virgilio


Mehdi Saad says:

that sounds a little like where eagles dare by iron maiden in the beginning. that drummer kicks ass.

The Michael Mike TD Metalhead Xperia 5 says:

Gretsch m/

Devante Harris says:

Does it come with remo drum heads

Thegrandman says:

Center the front bass drum head

Monica Skougard says:

i really seem to like this drum set but im not a beginner drummer should i get this

Had Enough says:

This $700 kit sounds so much better than the $7700 “exotic” DW kit. The toms sing nicely. The DWs sound dead. I just have to laugh at the DW hype and balls to charge $8K for a dead sounding kit.

Matthew Batki says:

Nice one. I like the kick. And those pedals

fenderguitar920 says:

I have this kit, and would highly recommend it. Just replace the sbr’s and you’re all set

johnbidochka says:

Of course, Nick can make ANY kit sound amazing, but so far Gretsch may have a winner on their hands with this one.

Sam Harris says:

im 13 so it really comes with every thing and can you add more cymbals

phyllis antonelli says:

Nick laying down another great feeling pocket.Keep up the great demos sir.

Mike Dunham says:

I could live with this kit, it’s all a matter of heads and tuning…Since I am not a gigging or recording pro, this set would work. ( We just jam for fun, and play the occasional party ) As for the cymbals, I would just give them away to anyone who would take them. An “OK” set, is fine, even a beginner set, but cymbals is where the $ should go… ( You can’t tune a cymbal )

MMTD Xperia Metal 5 says:

Gretsch Great m/


the come with planet Z cymbals now. they don’t sound that bad.

Isaiah Furrow says:

I am looking at this kit, as a possible step up from a Pearl Roadshow or Ludwig Accent kit.   Can you please tell me if this would be a big step up from either of those kits?

Anton Tuomi says:

would anyone recommend this Gretsch kit to a drummer thats not a beginner but with a tight budget?

L.A DiNiro says:

Wonder why they call this a “beginner” kit? You can make a crap kit sound AWESOME but you can do anything with crap cymbals.

Sydney W says:

the sites not even up anymore. darnet I actually thought I found the set I wanted.

Димитрий says:

this vs the tama imperialstar?

Donut King says:

Does it come with the Sabian cymbles

Nexus MM1 says:

Is this a rock or a jazz kit?

groove on says:

this kit or pdp mainstage?

Nonsense Poopypants says:

Some really killer tom tuning is happening here. Really. Just. Damn.

avery Kemp says:

which is better gretsch energy or the pdp mainstage..

Izam Coco says:

Which is your preferred between Gretsch Energy and PDP Mainstage? Currently looking for my 1st drum kit.

George Martinez says:

Can you please upload a video on how to tune this drum set? I’ve had this drum set for 2 years but I still don’t know how to tune it.

Bruce C says:

i bought this kit when i started out. Very good value for the $. I immediately replaced heads and cymbals(sbr’s not that great) and now sounds amzing!

JulianFernandez says:


Mop Plays says:

It’s such a cheap kit but it sounds sooooooo nice.

Ruben Rapalo says:

would anyone consider using this for live play? mic’d with better cymbals and all new heads?


poplar is popular

nycjin816 says:

these sound really nice! and for ‘budget’ cymbals they sound pretty good also

GamerMuscian says:

those looks like sabian cymbals than zildgen

Kenneth Gibson says:

a playable and decent sounding full drum kit for £595 – I LIKE IT!

Pico51 says:

What an excellent review, no nonsense, and a solid playing demo.

Randy Woolum says:

These drums sound excellent for the price! I have a TAMA Starclassic Performer b/b and while an excellent kit, but rather pricey, I truly don’t hear them sounding $1200 better than this kit. But it’s like they say….it’s who’s playing the instrument that makes it sing. I’ve had every kit imaginable, Tama, Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig, Sonor, Mapex, Yamaha, PDP…..and out of all them, I’m sorry to say the PDP’s were the most unimpressive. It was a few years ago that I had my PDP’s so maybe they’ve upgraded them, but when I had mine…2 sets that is, I returned both of them. The Tama’s feel the most heavy and solid, but not saying they sound so much better than the others or especially this Gretsch kit, but they’re my favorite out of all the kits I’ve owned.

Jetty Local says:

At 3:15 when he said ” you can rock out pretty good ” I love that groove, I’ve used it in a few of our tracks. So thanks Nick!

Daniel31 says:

Anyone know if the bass drum is compatible with Evans EMAD 2?

kainoa_the_frog says:

if you buy this kit at a guitar center know that you may get zildjian cymbals *MAY*

HortonKansas says:

Dang that’s nice quality kit for low bucks….

im Squid says:

Lol this guy thinks hes so good basic rock n roll drummer no skills

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