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Full Compass Product Specialist Brian Nolan reviews and demos the Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Series Kit at Madison Music Foundry.

The Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple Series’ signature tones begin with its 7-ply maple formula shells and Gretsch Classic hardware, including 30-degree bearing edges, 9020 style mounting brackets and five-lug configuration.


Erik Blok says:

do it better and post it on youtube if you can do better

Alexander Fusca says:

You play really weird. You’re going to hurt yourself like that.

john mclaughlin says:

That kit sounds great

Andrew Sanabria says:

HHX hats sounds noiceeeeeeeeee

Joshua Thompson says:

Play the freaking toms kid… what was the real drummer out for the day… just wait 1 day.. he’ll be back! Then we can actually hear the kit not some bozo just talking all day about who freaking cares what…

Jerry W says:

Evans heads sound like crap, always.

panzerken says:

hit harder!

TheWatdachtjedan says:

How is THE snare called?

BRUNEL thrash metal says:

and the second tom?

That Jewish dude says:

great technique

Nolan LaPlant says:

I hate demos like this. They only play on the hi hat, snare, bass drum, and ride. He hardly uses the toms. he only hit the low rack tom once.

Trey Bailey says:

Thanks for the cymbal samples…

OG Dub says:

Hey can you tell me what the cymbals are in this video? Very much appreciated most definitely.

Robert Morton says:

Why do you have to play like a caveman?

Usual Suspect says: that good or bad that they changed from six to five lugs on toms? when there are 6 lugs,isn’t more easy to tuning???

Jake Hornus says:

Everyone is a freaking drum critic..”don’t swing that high you wont go as fast” Well that beat didn’t sound like it was suppose to be fast and MAYBE if he wanted to play fast it would play a little different. “He just hit symbols and only the one tom once..No fills..” Well then go play the kit somewhere so you can really tell if you like it and play it how you want..Maybe make your own demo video since your all so professional.

Thomas Nappo says:

They sound ok,,,wats the probs. critics

ggrimaldo1 says:

I watch this video just to listen to the drumming, sounds good,,One of these days I want to buy a Gretsch and play as good as you do,,,, thanks,,

Bob Nuheart says:

this kit sucks ass!

Matthew McCoy says:

I don’t if it’s just the mic or not but that snare sounds terrible

Jacob Frago says:

You should not swing so high you won’t go as fast if you swing that high

Big Neutron says:

Don`t hit so shy!!! Shout the hole kit down, burn it, crash it , smoke it!!!!! and then go and by a Ludwig * ggggggg*

korpsz says:

So thats a review about a drum kit with 3 toms but you do NOT hit the second tom. thanks! 😀

SmileySmilerton says:

And the douchebag comment award goes to.. you! congrats, douchebag! come on, post one, let’s hear you do better!

João De Paula says:

This way he will quit the company’s activities.

Ràin 2k says:

I have that kit.. I recommend to drummers with every lvl of skills..

FONO134 says:


mike fiorello says:

the 8 and 10 inch rack toms are bongos

Anthony S says:

Don’t listen to these other morons.  Thank you for REALLY hitting the drums. I can’t stand it when a drummer is demoing a kit and is hitting it like he is afraid of it. 

Gaetano Femminella says:

you prob want someone who sounds good to model a set…

Carl Lie says:

Would have been helpful to go around the toms a bit more since thats what Gretsch is selling. Not the cymbals. Thanks for the review though.

Roy Beckerman says:

Terrible snare sound.

fasteddy9 says:

The  Corky Laing school of drumming. I mean that as a compliment. Drums should be hit hard with big sticks.

andrewt248 says:

That’s some epic cable routing there, sir.

Mauro D'Amato says:

What skins are those?

PARdisenioyarte says:

Amazing drum but shit man you hit so bad!

Pau Suan says:

you don’t have to hit it too hard man

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