Gretsch Drums Catalina Maple 7-piece Drum Kit Review by Sweetwater

Hey everybody, today I’m trying out the Catalina Maple 7-piece acoustic drum kit from Gretsch Drums. The kit I’m playing has the Black Bronze Sparkle finish, which looks outstanding under stage lights. I really dig this kit: the drums tune easily, and you get lots of drums for lots of tonal variety.

Like all Gretsch Drums, these have 30-degree bearing edges which give them that characteristic Gretsch sound. Combined with the maple shells, you get a nice warm tone that still has a defined attack.

With a kick, snare, three rack toms and two floor toms, there’s a lot of potential in this drum kit. Thanks for watching – click the link below for more info and hi-res photos!

— Nick D’Virgilio


dunnigan66 says:

Man I cant decide these Superstar classics maple or the PDP concept maple grrrrr!!!!!

Jason Van Horn says:

is anyone from sweetwater on i have a question

dillon b. says:

dat snare unfff

Kenneth Smith says:

ordering nine next week. aqua sparkle tho.

Randy Woolum says:

The kick pedal beater seemed to be turned to where the plastic side was hitting the head instead of the felt side as mentioned in this video.


Thank you for the great review. I am glad to see that you have started review more affordable drum kits.

MatthewDiesFirst says:

Incredible review! Just purchased one of these – you’re making me think twice about the finish I chose!

Jihyong Hong says:

hi! thanks for the video.

Can you tell me the name of that ride cymbal???? Thanks!

john mclaughlin says:

Kits amazing

Aesthetic Muffin says:

If I were to ever buy this kit, could I request that you put on Aquarian drum heads instead?

Braden Cutright-Head says:

Does that 8 inch tom sound choked and thin to anybody else?

Jihyong Hong says:

@SweetwaterSound hi plz can you tell me what the ride cymbal he using?

teaaquinn says:

Tama superstar classic kit probly sounds better for the money

Jovanna Mullin says:

Can I apply a double kick pedal to this? Or can I buy like a separate bass drum to do double bass?

Spurs456 says:

That opening groove was incredible

Toaster Burns says:

No, No, No Nick! You don’t say hello, you say Hi-a… ugh… come on nick get it together! lol

ron zelinski says:

clear drum heads is very 1985 . coated is a good look on this kit and it sounds pretty decent .I wish people would get over this bs Asian wood vs north American wood crap. I have kits made in china and they sound awesome…we are all the same.

GRAM_hardcorepunk says:

so,did the remo drumheads come with the set?

Tagu San says:

Is that a Zildjian K Custom Organic Ride?

Anna'Staisha Bracey says:

cars pm

AECEntertainment says:

Mum and I are toying on getting one of these as I play in a band that covers all the bases. Reggae, country, blues, pop, rock, old school metal, funk and all sorts. I use sabian pro sonix cymbals and I extend my rig with a Roland td10 module. I mainly play keys and bass for session work.

LELN says:

Just bought this 7-piece drum kit : AMAZING.. I was playing on a basic Pearl Export, Catalina Maple is just so much better !!

mike fiorello says:

Do professionals use a 10 inch tom?

Philip Snider says:

anybody know what heads he used in this?

Vincent Rpl says:

came just for the sound, but got inspiration from your playing 🙂

Joel Rainey says:

I got to play a kit at guitar center and wow I fell in love with them

Razor ZX says:

This guy knows how to review a drum. Super!

justice576 says:

I’m debating between this and the Tama Superstar Classic 7-piece. They seem fairly comparable based on price and number of drums. I want to know if these Gretsches are considered better or about the same. They command a slightly higher price (about $150 extra), I am wondering what that translates into since they are both all maple shells. I want a very versatile kit that can blend with several styles and sounds. Easy tuning for different styles is also a must. Any thoughts?

Patrick Glenn says:

Love the look and the sound!

Scott Lowell says:

Asian maple… a bit softer than North American.

Paweł Morrison says:

0:35 holy tits that fill is great

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