Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit Review by Sweetwater

Hi everybody, today we’re taking a look at the Catalina Club four-piece kit from Gretsch Drums. These are mahogany drums, which are known for their rich and warm tone. It would make a great jazz kit, but I think these drums are versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of styles, especially if you experiment with different types of drum heads.

I really like the 18″ kick drum – this kick even comes with a lift to make sure your beater hits the drum directly in the center. The 18″ size creates a really punchy sound. The toms sound really sweet too, with a nice round sound and good definition. Factor in the sensitive snare drum, and there’s a lot of potential for expression in this kit.

Thanks for watching – click the link below for more info and hi-res photos!

— Nick D’Virgilio

Get this Catalina Club 4-piece kit here:


Harry Nichols says:

What Bass drum head is he using at the end, with the hole in it?

Wagh_Rules says:

How do you mic those drums? I never see any mics!


instead of using the lift, can’t you just get a shorter beater?

Roy Beckerman says:

Nick makes this cheaper kit sound expensive.

Peter Lazos says:

Tom heads? Ambys?

rkl08551 says:

Gretsch by DW …

Roy Beckerman says:

Good sound.
How is the quality of the fittings, over a period of time.

Saltfisher 14 says:

Would you recommend this for country?

ron zelinski says:

great playing  casey kasem….. I like this kit but the snare in real life sucks

Paul Evans says:

Nic you are so talented..

Bonzo Brata says:

solid playing Nick, really great sounding drum.

Saltfisher 14 says:

This it the breakbeats?

Fri'Chickenisha says:

how did you tune it to be like that?

UkuleleNiBERTO says:

can you share the tuning details? top and bottom lug frequencies, fundamental frequencies, batter and resonance head used. for snare, toms and bass drum. thanks

HighFlyAxel says:

Does the set come with the cymbals

Jorge Lopez says:

How would you compare this kit to the quest love ludgwig? Witch is the quieter of the two?

Roy Beckerman says:

Probably the best value for money drums today. Finish quality may not be up to Gretsch’s more expensive kits, but a great sound.
The drummer’s great ability helps, of course.

Saltfisher 14 says:

Hi, what does it men when people say drums are “warm”? And what do they mean when they say attack

Totigerus says:

Yeah all my favorite EDM “bands” have an acoustic drummer playing along with the DJ.

Brijesh Sureja says:

Can I add one more Tom next to 1st Tom?

nycjin816 says:

this guy is so entertaining and skilled! I love all his reviews

Amp says:

I’m a fan of the way you play. I can’t get that Gene Krupa beat out my head

Davey Busman says:

Is it a jazz/bop kit?

Ian O'Sullivan says:

Great video Nick. Really informative.

Damien Alex Ray says:

I’ve been having my eye on these drums for a while now and am curious to how they would hold up in more atmospheric and texture driven styles such as Post Rock and Ambient. I love that 18″ kick.

throwdown47 says:

This guy is a killer drummer

Mike Dunham says:

I could totally live with this kit. It’s all in the choice of heads and tuning… I would prefer a 20″ bass drum though. Just a great little kit for what I do ( Just play for fun with friends, Oldies, Jazz, Beatles, Stones etc…)

viktor7m says:

This is asian mahogany, not african mahogany. I blame Gretsch also for disillusion, they could admit the real origin od wood, like Pearl did in Export series. Only drum made from african mahogany in Gretsch line (to ym knowledge) is Black Swamp snare drum.

The Pasty Smasher says:

Hey, do you think these would work in a heavier rock/metal setting? The toms sound huge! I prefer 4-piece kits because they’re less hassle and I’d rather just get in and play than spend an hour getting it in tune first.

sharon brown says:

Do you constantly have to tune the drums? How often do you have to tune them?

Christian Froude says:

Shell pack??

dominque dudink says:

How tight and stuff did you tune the snare and toms?

Aesthetic Muffin says:

Am I able to add a 16 inch floor tom?

Blake Gowan says:

Tuned to perfection….you guys use a drum dial or what?

Bruno Bernard says:

The Great Gretsch Sound ! ! For a low price Wasaaaaaaa ! !

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