Gretsch Drums Catalina Ash 5-piece Drum Set Review by Sweetwater

Hi everybody, check out the Catalina Ash five-piece drum set from Gretsch Drums! Pictures don’t really do justice to this kit’s classy vintage look. I haven’t had many opportunities to play on ash drums, but these seem very similar to maple in terms of snap and attack. I really like the tonal balance between all the drums in this kit too.

As with all Gretsch drums, these have 30-degree bearing edges for a smoother, warmer tone that has a ton of character. The hardware is very well made, and looks cool too. This is a great all-around kit that has the distinctive Gretsch Drums vibe.

Thanks for watching – click the link below for more info and hi-res photos of this kit!

— Nick D’Virgilio

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Riccardo Visonà says:

is this a good drum kit for a recording studio?

Delta_F508 says:

That Hi tom sounds amazing.

Jovanna Mullin says:

Can I get lessons from you? You are so awesome

Gavin Sobel says:

Drums sound great! what are you doing or using to Mic them up?

Coby Utterback says:

The 12″ tom sounds KILLER!!!! I think ash as a tonal wood is very underrated.
I happen to own the European version Yamaha’s ROCK TOUR kit. It has a ply of ash on the outside and I swear it does wonders to the sound of the drum kit.

Chris says:

Anyone else have issues with the rack toms not staying in place without the use of memory locks? I had to get gretsch to send me out 2 replacement ones that fit better because the stock ones wouldnt fit into the groove and it keep swaying around the L rod like the teeth werent grabbing it no matter how tight I made it. Very odd But GREAT kit to play!

bunki5150 says:

I thought u would use emperors, on top ambasors on bottom, or does itbnkt matter I use black Swede remo emperors on top,of my birch pdo kit and sounds good .but love the sound this ash combo

huk38 says:

Love to listen to this guy’s playing.

Joe Cap says:

I really like the warmth and tone of the drums, does Gretsch make a 26′ kick in ash?

Monsterdrumma says:

If say water hit this shell would it stain or warp the shell being they have a satin finish with no lacquer?

The Awperator says:

2:37 along with this great ass shell

Larry Tate says:

I actually prefer grestch sound over DW in most cases.

oh! Jazz Duo says:

These are some of the best sounding drums on the planet – based on what I hear in my cheap ear phones. Am I missing something? Do they really sound that good without mics?

Diego Eduardo Sepúlveda says:

Que parches son esos?

Brad Watson says:

Are those factory heads underneath your toms?

72Stiles says:

This video really does the kit justice. I picked up one of these kits in the black/natural burst, and replaced the heads with an Ambassador on the Snare and Fiberskyns on the toms and bass. Really nice sound – very warm and jazzy. They say the shells are “Gretsch Formula Ash”, but looking at the bearing edges, it looks to me like the inner most ply is a different kind of wood- very light, almost white in color. My guess is that if it isn’t a soft species of Ash, then it could be Poplar. Either way, these shells sound much warmer and softer than what I would expect out of a 100% hard ash shell. Overall they are a great value!

Belmont Assembly says:

Hey Nick, what mic kit are you using on this drum set? we’re building a house of worship sound system to go with this drum set.

Fri'Chickenisha says:

Why is this color not avalible on the website?

Dez Leighton says:

They sound as good as any you’ve demoed Nick, even more resonant than most..are they miked closer than usual?

pchains says:


Mustis1524 says:

You can’t get anything better for the price! The Gretsch Catalina’s are incredible

Soda_84 says:

is this a wrap finish or laquered?

Steven Mendez says:

why did you guys stop selling this drum set

Jamie Harris says:

I’ve never heard this drum kit sound soooo good! Killer drum playing sir!

Redeye Percussion says:

I very nearly got one of these for the finish alone. That’s gorgeous!

Ryan Wilson says:

how are these drums tuned

university of utubes/jewtubes says:

sounds great. that snare is snappy. reminds me of Jimmy chamberlin

Eugenio Vasquez says:

that intro solo on drums was really tight!

Kj Howard says:

Purchased a 7pc Catalina Ash kit last year for $600.00 Came with a 13×7 snare. Replaced the stock heads with frosted Evans on the toms, coated G2 on the snare and EMAD on the kick. Evans Reso on snare and toms; EQ3 Calftone on the reso side of the kick. Tuned the drums lower than the vid and MAN! The sound is fantastic! My first Gretsch and I am a believer. Great drums!

that jamaican guy says:

love these drums, considering these or a mapex mars series 5-piece crossover would appreciate if you reviewed that also.

Razor ZX says:

Nick, you are really good.

bunki5150 says:

i can’t find this on now much is this ?

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