Gretsch Drums Brooklyn 4-Piece Shell Pack Review

Nick D’Virgilio presents the Gretsch Drums Brooklyn four-piece shell pack. The Gretsch Brooklyn 4-piece Shell Pack boasts vintage tone that can only be described as warm, open, and wide. Gretsch drums have been some of the most played and most recorded drum kits in America’s musical history, and you’ll hear that same character in the Brooklyn 4-piece Shell Pack. Any drummer at Sweetwater will confirm that this shell pack is an exceptional choice for both recording and performing. Its six-ply maple/poplar shells give you impressive attack with full, round fundamentals.

Learn more about the gear used to make the music in this video:

Drum Kit:
Gretsch Brooklyn 4-piece Drum Kit:

Ride – 21” Zildjian A Sweet Ride –
Crash – 18” Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash –
Crash – 16” Zildjian A Thin Crash –
HiHats – 15” Zildjian A New Beat –

DW 9000 Series Cymbal Stands –
DW 9000 Series Snare Stand –
DW 9000 Series Hi Hat Stand –
DW 9000 Series Kick Drum Pedal –

Toms – Remo Ambassador Coated –
Snare – Remo Control Sound –
Kick – Remo Power Stroke 3 –

Drum Sticks:
Vader Universal Wood Tip

Kick drum – Audio Technica ATM250 –
Snare drum – Audio Technica AE 2300 –
Toms – Audio Technica ATM350cW –
Overheads- Audio Technica AT5045 –
Room – AEA N8 –

Play-in music:
AIR Velvet 2 –
sound: 1 mark 1 – 13 mk1 compressed
AIR Vacuum Pro –
sound: Synth Bass/06 Basses/drop saw
AIR Hybrid 3 –
sound: sequenced bass/05 gritmeister
AIR DB33 –
sound: 3 rock – 06 full crying

Play-out music:
This is an old track and I didn’t write down what gear I used. I do know that the loop track playing along comes from Stylus:
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX –

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
Antelope Audio Orion Studio Thunderbolt Audio Interface –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –

Sweetwater Men’s Midnight Navy 1979 T-shirt –


Roe Sham Boe says:

nick is the best kind of gretsch fanboy 🙂

Chris Hunter says:

Nick is a ventriloquist as well?! AWESOME!

Mike Dunham says:

I just love these videos, and while none of of these high end kits are anywhere near my budget, can you give an opinion of how this compares with the newest Ludwig Club Date series?

Fernando Vallés says:

Hi there, did you guys used a specific tuning note on each tom?? thanks!

Roy Beckerman says:

Great sound and playing.
Nick makes all brands sound good, but Gretsch and Ludwig are special.

Az The Drummer says:

Man the sweet ride is so Loud

Ezra VanderJagt says:

Nick you’re a bloody beast!

Prateek Pradhan says:

wow ! Sir I really admire you !
My favorite hats are paistes, fav. ride zildjian, fav crashes are sabians as well as zildjian.
One won’t endorse all, work for GREAT seller instead, get to use all of them and at the same time have good relationship with all brands. 🙂 LOVE your drumming fav. drummer ! There are a lot of other GREEAAT!!!!! drummers out there but Nick plays it just my way
Sir, I’m a great fan of you.

– a 15 yr old not so cool dude.

Σταύρος Κωσταςς says:

This is my dream kit but generally I don’t keen on playing 10 inch toms!Can I chose my own sizes (12,13,16,24)?And do you ship to Greece (not only Gretsch but Paiste and Evans as well, because some stores don’t ship outside usa)?

hihats says:

nice playin’,Nick…that last track sounds vintage Genesis inspired

Pablo C says:

Hi Nick!! Love your videos, you are an amazing player. Here to ask if you could you do an updated video for the new Gretsch Renowns? I like your new recording setup and because the Renowns are the higher line of the “non-USA” kits it would be interesting to have it to make a fair comparison. Thank you!!

Roy Beckerman says:

What snare is being used.

glanemann says:

Me likey. The sound that kit makes is the sound I like.

John Cardinali says:

Hey Nick you old Pisano great drumming.Drums sound dynamite !

JulianFernandez says:

Sounds great… Nick is the man!

Maynor Ajtum says:

Can you do reviews on pork pie drums please

Stephen Brodigan says:

Nick does such a great job on all of his product video’s….I specifically liked this because of the variety of playing he did on this video

Joe Nocella says:

Love that “Got a gig with your in town Afro-Cuban band? Perfect for that!” and then all hell breaks loose..

BenjaminGib says:

Holy cow, Nick, you’ve got those toms sounding incredible!!!! Everything else too. Wow.

Karuna Kaler says:

I keep replaying this part – 6:55. And those drums are good for any genre but not awesome for one genre

Roee Morag says:


Matthew Vlossak says:

How did you tune the heads of the drums? Were the bottom heads tuned higher than the topcs ones? Or vice versa? Your reviews are what I keep watching to determine what kit and snare I’m going to buy next!

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