Gretsch Drums Brooklyn 4-piece Shell Pack Review by Sweetwater

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In this video I am playing on a Gretsch Brooklyn series 4-piece drum kit. This amazing drum kit really gives off a vintage vibe and feel. From the look to the tone you can just tell that there is a great history to the drums, even though they come out of todays modern manufacturing. Gretsch drums were born in Brooklyn way back in the 1800’s and their sound has stood the test of time. Gretsch drums are some of the most recorded in music history. The famous quote “That Great Gretsch Sound” definitely applies to this kit. It sounds great and looks great too!

The Gretsch Brooklyn 4-piece shell pack comes with 6-ply maple/poplar shells that have 30 degree bearing edges. You get 7″ x 10″ and 8″ x 12″ rack toms, a 14″ x 16″ floor tom, and an 18″ x 22″ kick drum. The drums have the same hardware that comes on the USA custom drums, such as 3mm double-flanged metal “302” hoops, USA Custom lugs, and the GTS tom mounting system. On the inside of the drum shells is the classic Gretsch Silver Sealer. The icing on the cake is the extremely cool looking Cream Oyster wrap.

Are you looking for a drum kit with great looks, sound, and vibe? Then you have to check out this Gretsch Brooklyn series 4-Piece Shell Pack. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks for watching!

— Nick D’Virgilio


Had Enough says:

What happened to sticking to the Gretsch tradition? Who decided that the standard bass drum size is now 22″x18″? That extra long size never existed years ago. Now all drummers have to schlep around a giant barrell. Makes no sense…

Adam Thomas Kalwa says:

Thanks for the review! Which Paiste cymbals are you playing in the video? Thank you 🙂

Ejstar89 says:

I’m not a drummer but, I like the sound of these drums.

Joel Frank says:

This Guy in the Best Drum Product Promoter! Demos them very well, Knowledgeable in Product Info, and etc… He could sell any drum.

Roy Beckerman says:

A more open sound, than the Broadkasters.
Not unlike Ludwigs.

brucethedrummer says:

Is it classic tho? Love this kit! I think it has way more personality than a DW kit, which sounds good but always kinda sterile to me.

Brendan Cooke says:

What snare is that?

Daniel Seman says:

That is one fine sounding snare!

Scotty H says:

I’ve read that 5 lug toms are to be avoided since they are more difficult to tune and the hoops are harder to repair/replace. They recommended staying with 6 lugs at a minimum.

NIO3954 says:

@Nick, How are you guys micing these demos?  I don’t see any mics on the drums themselves…I can only assume that you have one or two overheads?

Michael Campbell says:

What is that snare you are using?

Jo dw says:

Great review. Great drumming !!!!
I gonna try the Brooklyn.

Scotty H says:

The snare is a Gretsch USA Bell Brass. Great snare but spendy, $1000 bucks

Drumboy5165 says:

Sir, another great review!! Love the chops!!

Ben Giancotti says:

Good drumming

MrRudyBar says:

Nick…you are my favorite drummer ! You make WHATEVER kit you play on sound great !! Love your videos .

Roy Beckerman says:

Do the Brooklyns come with the tom attached to the bass drum, or only the cymbal stands. I much prefer the the bass drum attachment.
Otherwise , a great sounding kit.

landstrom27 says:

casey kasem? cant wait to get my brooklyns, picking em up sunday

Christian Canalita says:

The tom mounts look different. Kinda look like the mounts for the Renown model.

이종문 says:

why he is sooooo good at drumming??

QSdrummrz says:

My favorite review yet, mostly because I think this drum set sounds better than the others he reviewed

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