Gretsch Drums Broadkaster 4-piece Drum Set Review by Sweetwater

In this video I’m playing the Broadkaster four-piece drum kit from Gretsch Drums, and they’ve got an extremely vintage vibe. That’s mostly thanks to the three-ply shells, composed of maple/poplar/maple layers. It’s an old-school combination Gretsch has been using for years, and sounds nicely warm and round. That tone also comes in part from the 30-degree bearing edges, another classic component of the Gretsch drum sound.

The hardware is great quality and looks sweet too – overall, the entire kit looks great. This drum set comes with a 22″ bass drum, a 12″ rack tom, a 16″ floor tom, and a 6.5″ x 14″ snare drum. Just add cymbals and stands, and you’ve got a great kit for recording or performance. Thanks for watching!

Get this Gretsch Broadkaster 4-piece drum set here:


Roy Beckerman says:

My pick. Absolutely love the tone and playing, of course. Great old style sound.

Jeffrey Alexander says:

actually, Gretsch has not used the maple/poplar wood combination since the mid fifties. Nick was a bit off. The Gretsch Co. went to a maple/gum combination in about 1957 or 1958 and a 6 ply shell with dye-cast rims. These drums are a true throw back to the 40’s – 50’s. “Darker” sound…like Ludwigs in the 60’s….and more dry than Rogers.

Gretsch Drummer says:

Nice !

Saltfisher 14 says:

If I bought this for country what sizes should I get?

wowdude22 says:

best drum review channel

twinsmm1 says:

love your playing, nick but for a kit like this you ought to put on your elvin jones, mel lewis, philly joe jones hat. -both in terms of playing and tuning.

just wish that gretsch would find something other than those big-ass UGLY extremely generic looking RIMS “things”.

Travis Woodall says:

That Steve Gadd-Like lick at 5:20 or so had me rewinding three times. Damn Nick, now I want one of these kits. I don’t have a Gretsch Dealer near me but I’m sold.

cruz says:

cheap sound..

toon putteman says:

what would you suggest for gretsch drum kit?

Dabward says:

Nice kit

manifestgtr says:

anyone who likes nicks playing on these should check out some old spocks beard (v, day for night, the light) or shaming of the true by kevin gilbert…not only is the music classic but everyone who plays on those records is a monster

Ryan Wilson says:

how can I tune like this

Andrew Brazinski says:

I want his job.


DustyCowdog says:

Dude always rocks it!

Roy Beckerman says:

Great sound and playing.
Love the tom holder.

w1wang says:

I really enjoyed this demo. It would be awesome if Sweetwater could get Nick to do some MIDI drum performances and sell them as EZDrummer midi grooves!

Doc G says:

If you pay attention to the facial expressions Nick makes as he reviews drums, not only will you be able to see which ones he enjoys more, but more to the point…..gets lost in. I feel like he truly enjoyed the review.

Bigbaldybear says:

No matter what kit he plays, Nick always sounds like Nick. You can tell it’s him playing without looking…and I mean that as a compliment 😀

lynyrddeville says:

I really dig the sound of that snare.

TomSJazzBass says:

love the sound of this kit!

Nick Barre says:

Lovely sound on the recording, but no mics in shot. Could be internal I suppose, but my hunch is it’s just very smart use of overheads. I’d be very interested to know.

Blake Gowan says:

That snare is rediculous good…dry and it.

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