Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece Drum Kit Review – Sweetwater Sound

Get the Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece drum kit here:

In this video I am playing the Gretsch Catalina Maple drum kit. This fantastic drum set has a great vintage look and vibe with that awesome Gretsch sound.

This Catalina Maple is a 7-Piece all-maple kit with 7-ply shells. You get a 6″ x 14″ snare, 7″ x 8″, 7″ x 10″, 8″ x 12″ rack toms, 14″ x 14″, 16″ x 16″ floor toms, and a 18″ x 22″ kick drum. All done up in a beautiful Aqua sparkle finish. Gretsch has some unique features that bring about that great tone too. Like their famous 5-lug configuration on the rack toms and the 30-degree bearing edges.

These drums have wide-ranging tone that’s suitable for any musical style, and perfect for recording in the studio. Add to everything the 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops and the Gretsch low-profile GTS tom suspension system, and you have one really nice drum set.

— Nick D’Virgilio


Monsterdrumma says:

Man these sound better then I thought, great tone from a Gretsch fanitic/die hard and owner of the USA customs, nice drumming also!

PoleyB1 says:

I own this kit only complaint I have is the wrap wrinkled on all but the small tom. Drums sound great I mean really great. unmic’d they are awesome and on a large stage or club, mic’d they are an awesome sounding kit. The heads it comes with are excellent but I put pinstripes on it and they are so much better. I recently used them as a backline set up for a benefit show. Every drummer which was about 12 drummers was really impressed with the kit. But again the wrap sucks and trying to get it fixed is a nightmare. I will more than likely pull the wrap and refinish them but not with a wrap.

Derek Madarasz says:

can you review a USA custom or a renown kit? 

Blackberry76 says:

Beautiful drumset. Amazing drummer.

TheRealHunter says:

i have this kit in Satin Walnut Fade, it looks so classy. sounds really great even with the stock heads only. i didnt put any muffling to the bass drum but sounds really great. whoever is thinking about getting this, stop thinking, go get yourself this kit!

Will B says:

Not ragging on the kit at all, but I think Nick D’Virgilio can make just about anything he plays sound good.

dunnigan66 says:

Great sound and by far my fav drum demos on youtube!!!!! Between you and Steve Maxwell lots of great drumming!!!!


how did you record this?

cu hulainn says:

I love paiste symbals

CPO Durnell says:

this cat can sell an 7 piece coffee can set up! Love his reviews.

billybeeks says:

Sal Mineo again………………………..

Sloppy Toppy says:

I love the gretsch catalina maple set.

Joshua Flores says:

Should I buy this or the mapex amory

Anonimo vs Desconocido says:

Nice Sound GRETSCH

עודד ברזילי says:

What cymbles do you use?

David McAninch says:

Hawaii Five-O, anyone?

Patrick Glenn says:

Awesome kit!

Luke Rainforth says:

nice hands man

Etienne Lessard says:

Hi,.is it necessary to change the original head drum (gretsch remo)because I do not know the quality.what would be the best head for a live metal sound on the gretsch catalina??thank you.

Paul McEwan says:

3 minutes of bollox then you get to hear the drums for seconds


wish this was mic’d up properly

Mike Dunham says:

This is only my opinion, I am not a gigging drummer, I just play for fun with friends. In this price range for a decent set, it is a 3 way tossup between Catalina Maple, Tama Superstar, and Mapex Armory. I have checked all of them out in various music stores,and any would be a great pick. I have even looked into the Ludwig Element. It is all about the choice of heads and tuning. An OK drumset with great cymbals is always way better than the reverse (You can’t tune a cymbal…) Bottom line: Every $ saved on the kit means more $ for heads you are going to want to upgrade anyway. and don’t get me started on cymbals… I could spend $3000 in ten minutes there. As far as hardware, the only two things that matter are the hi hat, and kick drum pedal…. Chose those with care. Everything else is just a stand, buy all of that stuff used…

Bleu Les Yeux says:

i play open handed and would like to have one of the floor toms on my left side. Can you separate the two floor toms or do they have to stay together?

12groney says:

A very proper drummer!

Kyle Brenn says:

What cymbals are you using here? Love the hats

Bryan Rasmussen says:

Awesome, how are they mic’d??

Mop Plays says:

My favourite drum setups are 1 up, 2 down or 3 up, 2 down. Got my eye on this kit as well as the DW Frequent Flier.

cruz says:

gretsch is dead..

Liam Nadbërg (SCP 173) says:

Derke’s Jon Arbuckle playing on their tour “Eternal Flame 2012” with Jack Torrance and Andrew Creighton (live at Top Of The Pops 2012) [August 31,2012]

Derke: This is a tribute band to MANY bands in the United States.

justice576 says:

I’m debating between this and the Tama Superstar Classic 7-piece. They seem fairly comparable based on price and number of drums. I want to know if these Gretsches are considered better or about the same. They command a slightly higher price (about $150 extra), I am wondering what that translates into since they are both all maple shells. I want a very versatile kit that can blend with several styles and sounds. Easy tuning for different styles is also a must. Any thoughts?

netenemy says:

Beautiful kit.

Etienne Lessard says:

what is the best kit?
I hesitate between catalina maple or tama superstar classic maple..
which one do you advise me for a live house game..thank you

Giant 1 Band says:

How was this recorded? Stereo mic in front?

Shelly Rann says:

You know what ? This guy is an amazing drummer and speaker. Whatever Sweetwater is paying him, it’s not enough.

Worldwide Ghosts says:

I’ve just picked up the snare in the walnut finish. Really great snare with a definite vintage feel about it. Looks and sounds great!

beatlesfan675 says:

Is the bass drum 18 inches in diameter or 22 inches in diameter?

Dick Derry says:

Love this guy’s playing. Awesome drummer!

Bryan Yeap says:

this or pdp concept maple? Need profession opinions!

ToddB987 says:

Sweet kit!! Looks like a lot of fun..

Patrick McGinn says:

I’ve watched many of the reviews Nick has done over the years and he never has anything bad to say about the kits he reviews. It would actually be useful if he pointed out some features of these kits that he didn’t like. Maybe he only reviews kits he knows going in that he is going to like and avoids ones he knows he won’t? Idk.

JonsGearLocker says:

Looking for a mid. Price maple, this Vs pdp, what u think… Or go higher for pearls,

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