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A quick rundown of the key features of the Massive & Modern pack from GGD. Tl;dr: it’s incredible, you need to check it out.
In this video we cover:
– Using GGD as a multi-out instrument in a whole band mix
– Using the included TCIs to layer samples
– Using the processed sounds to get better demos with zero effort.


Olek Nowak says:

Great review. I have donloaded M&M library just yesturday – can’t wait to dig into it. I’m already happy with Matt Halperns libray, but I can hear that toms in M&M sound much better.

Emmanuel Facio says:


destinyxdestiny gamer says:

can you do a download tutorial on ggds

Vicktor Davydov says:

Thanks man! I just watch it and get it )

Richard Wagner says:

Adam how can you convert each drum hit to separate audio files to mix them as audio and shut the plugin off. Is there a easy way and I know a lot of people don’t know how. I don’t know how to do it in Logic so if you could do a video would be very helpful. Superior Drummer has a option in the plugin to make separate audio files. I am sure you new that. Thanks also wanted to say one thing. You can use the kontakt mixer and use there eq’s and other plugins to do those little tweaks on the drum kit.

john doe says:


BigJerr says:

snare seems flubby and out of tune

andivax says:

thank you! will stay on original Matt Halpern drums )

Richard Wagner says:

Adam I am new to your channel Love it. What are you using for your guitar tone? I like it a lot. It would be awesome if someone did a tutorial on programming metal drum beats with midi Adam you could do one for us please.

Michael Lapite says:

The drums don’t bump

vic says:

Dud, yogur meters are red !!!! WTF

Mark Juliano says:

samples sound awful!! rooms are good just like the first one

Mikko Havukainen says:

Thanks for the great review! I just bought it 🙂

destinyxdestiny gamer says:

cause i downloaded all programs but it came with no drums

Montażownia nr1 says:

Wavesfactory BlackToms anybody?

RelevartMusic says:

Hey Adam, In Nolly’s video titled “Routing modern and Massive in Logic” at the 2 minute mark he talks about routing the soundcard/host output and has a long list of options to choose from and to pick the first option. I only have options that say “1- Built in output L” and “2 Built in output R”. Which one of these should I choose and why don’t I have other options? I’m on a macbook pro. Sorry for the noob question, I’m new to this and just got Modern and Massive yesterday and trying to use it the best way. Thanks.

destinyxdestiny gamer says:

this program is stupid cause i dont have that

Sad Blyte says:

Best drum is – Naughty.Seal.Audio.Perfect.Drums.

BigFatCock says:

You don’t have to limit your voice to shit.

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