GetGood Drums “Modern and Massive” demo and Review!!! – Charlie Parra

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Lo bueno, lo malo y lo que podría mejorar en GetGood Drums Modern and Massive.
The good, the bad and what could improve in GGD Modern and Massive.
Charlie Parra del Riego




Magiclick Retro games says:

Vengo siguiendote y haces muy buenos videos, pero creo que en este nos has mentido diciendo que solo usas el programa ese que emula una bateria. En esta cancion, a parte de oirse otra guitarra mas que la que tu dices que tocas, se oyen sonidos reberbs y ademas coño que se nota que esta todo arreglado. No entiendo porque dices que solo usas ese programa.

brylidan says:

great but i feel like it could sound better with some audio mixing 🙂

Kareem Osama says:

this is really helpful thanks

hiryukatana says:

The drum sound sq very natural.
If you dont tell it was a sound program drum kits, i won’t even know lol

Guitarlover says:

Cual tema peruano es ese Charlie?

Mister Hibou says:

¡Te adoro continuo así!

guitar covers says:

Excelente video como 100pre saludos desde Argentina Charlie saludos !!!!!!

Dog says:

*Dios! siempre seras uno de mis guitarristas favoritos;)*

Ezequiel Velasquez says:

Estoy triste porque siento q jamas tocare así :'(

Anderson B.d.S. says:

O melhor

Alex Doom says:

Hello, as always a masterpiece, you are an artist of your time, keep it up ! Very very cool !!!

Abigail Vega says:

Qué buen video de la vida! Lo máximo Charlie!

Mister Hibou says:

¿Cómo se llama tu guitarra?

Sebastian Nieto says:

Charlie eres el mejor God of the guitar 😉 .m/

Franz Bernardo says:

Charlie me fascina el sonido que sacas en tus videos, sería interesante que hagas un vídeo mostrando lo que usas, el amp o los pedales, un fuerte abrazo.

Nader Moubayed says:

Awsom video. Anyone knows where can find the music he played

Kirvy Morales says:

Los haters de charlie no están recibiendo las notificaciones, 0 negativos hasta el momento

Burak DEVELİ says:

Very helpful thank youu

armando hv says:

Charlie has un cover de hotel California sería lo máximo

Stuart Jeffries says:

Awesome Charlie,
Your playing just gets better and better!

Саня Меньшиков says:

Наглядный пример как терции рулят в соло!!! Круть!

Eduar O says:

Uf está letal

Diego Paash says:

Grande Charlie :v

Cirque Du Solei Solstrom says:

Me regalarías una de tus guitarras? :’3

Pepe Pika says:


Avo Tace says:

You are a man he know to play the guitar .

Thomogon says:

On one hand it sounds really good, on the other hand the ease to use does come with the fact that all tracks using this pack will sound the same because they are mixed and mastered for you. This is why I would still opt for something like Superior Drummer 3 and a pack to your liking because it is more attractive to export the tracks individually and mix and master them. If, however, you are a bedroom musician who isn’t that experienced with DAW’s or audio engineering and just wants to focus on writing music or doing covers on YouTube this is a very handy and easy tool to make mixing and mastering your song way easier and quicker. This plugin is recommendable for musicians that want to focus more on the playing and writing aspect while they are starting to learn how to mix and master their songs for media distribution but not recommendable for Professionals who are trying to get a quick way out of mixing and mastering drums because it’s going to make your mix very stale in the process.

Jose Anticona says:

De ptm ah , siempre sorprendiendo 🙂

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