Fxpansion Geist is a Beast for Drums | VST Review

Simple and short review of Fxpansion Geist. Cubase, Live and Sonar users will love it’s drum capabilities.


John Silver says:

This is a free program that comes with a magazine or something like that. Isn’t it? Do you know where I could order this from?

DontCloudMe Please says:

You expressed one of my main complaints lately. These DAWs are getting so complex that they complete hinder the creative process. I spend more time trying to figure out how to work them, then I actually do making sound.

kbprojekty says:

You say it’s a beast for drums and then you show basic functionality that doesn’t even go beyond the scope of built-in drum rack in Ableton.

Kinh Konn says:

Thanks for the review and everything but in future its probably better to have the plugin pre-lanched so you can get right into the review. It took you 1:22 before you actually launched it and started the review. Thats too long for impatient people like me

Laxon Kamau says:

classic geist is an awesome sampler; for me sonar has the best quality.


That johnny juliano kit!

Kinh Konn says:

Nice fucking review

Ash says:

Can Geist be used as a groove template extraction like in pro tools? Are the grid points that are created in the slicer in the exact same place in time so I can place samples directly in time and above the slice points? Thanks.

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