EZ Drummer 2 Killer? – Perfect Drums Demo & Review

Can Perfect Drums by Naughty Seal knock Toontracks EZ Drummer off the top slot?

Check out our full demo and review of Naughty Seals Perfect Drums midi drum sequencing VST software and see for yourself.

More info and purchase: http://bit.ly/2s7f4Q4

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Tannoy 802: http://amzn.to/2pr7wJk

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Tavin Hong says:

Can you teach me how to route out Perfect Drums on reaper? I’m having problems doing that as of now.

Johnno Dorber says:

I don’t think there is any justification in complaining about fake sounding drum sounds anymore. The sampling feature here is a great idea and I did see where you could do that with any drum programme using Reaper to set up samples of your own that can be midi-triggered by your existing drum programme. So those pedantic drum programmers out there can quite realistically go to a good music shop and test their most expensive kit, recording 20 or more samples of hitting the right drum or cymbal just the right way using their phone or zoom mike then go home and get just the right sound of John Bonham playing with three drops of sweat dripped on the drum pad of the leftmost tom if that is what they really must have. The tech has come a long way.

ward0 says:

In fact PD is a great sounding library, can’t argue with that. I think the next step for Naughty Seal should be sample the soundbanks of their product with the same level of detail and options presented in Toontrack’s SD, because even sounding great as PD sounds, it lacks of mic bleeding options and the drumkit comes already premixed, which inevitably limit the possibilities of tones that more advanced users can achieve while constructing their virtual drumset.
Thanks for the video!

Mike Luke says:

Just for the understanding: can I trigger that VST with my e-Drums?

Living Witness says:

So you can download the Perfect drum player but in order to actually use the drum software you have to buy it correct?

Ambivalent40years says:

I recently purchased Perfect Drums and I am running Reaper. Any chance you might be uploading a detailed video showing the proper channel set up?

Валера, Валера! says:

Это украинские разработчики.

Aries Jhan says:

uh… The sounds are very dull and not in very high detail quality.
Most important, their web page is awful!!! There is no demo audio or video!!!
And in “Detail” page, description in white color plus white mixer background picture makes people hard to read.
Who design this?
By the way, you could buy SSD 4 Platinum with $99 on sale. You’re welcome!

But, I appreciate you make this video. It’s much more helpful than their web site.

Mustis1524 says:

SD2, SSD4 and Drumforge is where it’s at imo.

Joe V says:

hmm … where does he get all those wonderful toys!? … : )

Michi K says:

I somehow like neither EZ Drummer nor perfect drums – i think it sounds too fake for me. I really like Superior Drummer or Drumforge

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