Evetts Drums Spotted Gum Shell Pack & Matching Snare Drum – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of an Evetts Drums Spotted Gum shell pack accompanied by a matching snare drum. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, November 2018. For full specs and the latest drum news, head over to our website: www.drummersreview.com, and connect with us further via our social channels:






What a beautiful finish…man I wish more mainstream drum companies adopted more finishes like that. Even if it’s fake that look is just awesome

Baybi Go says:

Those sound as awesome as it looks!

Fab Rice says:

Wow, nice Kit!
You need to test some ART Cus­tom Drums too 🙂


Can you do Pearl Export in the new fusion setup (10,12,14ft,20″Kick) with real cymbals (not sbr crap) and Evans heads?

brian boyd says:

How many more drum companies will arise. Using replacement parts and lugs that any of us can buy on line.

Ad says:

Best sounding kit to date.

East Ghost says:

each review should end with a band jam, playing the drums/kit/cyms in a real setting.

Travis Woodall says:

Australian woods have a tendency to be very dry and brittle, not very dimensionally stable. I wonder how they do under temperature and humidity changes.

Sid Marks says:

Wonderful review. Worth moving to Aus. for these beauts, plus, you can even buy them on tick from Evetts. But only if you live in Australia.

Kalebe Óllier says:

Que bateria Top!

Haunted Smores says:

I was thinking a Stage or Recording custom for my next kit! These Evetts sound awesome 🙂

Thomas Nappo says:

Gorgeous sound…and looks really nice

rick freedom says:

you need to review a sonor SQ2 kit.

Kelly Kuzinskir5 says:

That is a stunning Kit!!!! Fantastic review guys!!!

bryan harris says:

I’ll stick with my Gretsch

David Harris says:

Not a drummer, I just clicked on this video suggestion because of the beautiful finish…this is the most incredible sounding drumset I’ve heard on YouTube. I bet that thing sounds WILD in the room! Wow.

tmaddrummer says:


Jake Staffin says:

I gotta say, this is one of the best looking and sounding kits you have featured on your channel. When you did the volume demo for each drum, it took very little for each drum to sing which shows just how flawless the bearing edges are, even with a head such as a Remo Emperor that does dampen a bit of the volume. The rim mount clearly doesn’t affect the sound of the drum either, it’s like it’s not even there and the drum is floating. There are a lot of great custom drum companies that are not well known, such as Red Rock Drums Australia, Craviotto, INDe Drum Lab, North Custom Drums in the UK (which unfortunately just went on hiatus a few months ago while the owner focuses on his health, so here’s to hoping that he gets well soon and continues doing what he loves), and those are just the ones I can name off the top of my head. I’m very happy to have seen this video after not knowing much about the company.

I hope to see more great reviews in the future (hopefully one on the Gretsch Renown RN2, Pearl Session Select or the new Yamaha wood snare drums), bhe thing I would love to see come 2019 is a comparison of kick drum pedals similarly to how you’ve done your drumhead comparison videos. I’ve played a Gibraltar 6700 double pedal for years and have considered upgrading to something such as a Tama Speed Cobra 910, Pearl Redline Eliminator, Gibraltar 9800 Stealth or 9700 G Class, or a DW 9000. I’m a big fan of dual chain drives and longboards but don’t know much about the differences between these pedals. I trust that you at Drummer’s Review could do an excellent bass drum pedal comparison and go into depth about the spring assembly, adjustability, responsiveness or whatever other categories would work for comparing bass drum pedals.

Love what you guys are doing here Nolly, keep up the awesome stuff!!

David Suprenant says:

What a beautiful finish.They reminded me of Brady drums.

Gerald Mellon says:

Great sounding drums and beautifully played. Great job! Really lets us hear them…

Brendon Walker says:

I have an Evetts. The best sounding kit I’ve ever played in over 30years of drumming.

metalking21 says:

Id love to hear these with some coated heads. They do sounds great though. Whats the price tag in CND?

kofthebaskervilles says:

Great tone from these drums. The heads seem to agree with this set.

MsChrisep says:

Outstanding drums. Superb review.

Rob Singletary says:

Kit sounds & looks very nice…Would love to hear how larger/deeper rack toms (13 x 9,14 x 10,15 x 12) would sound with larger/deeper floor toms w/legs (16 x 16,16 x 18)….

Daniel Bauknecht says:

never heard of them, but I am impressed, I go check em out

BK117Dude says:

Ordered my personal snare at Evetts this summer. Listened to some snare sound examples here and fell in love with the spotted gum shells.
So I ordered MY custom design& sizes. Sounds crazy and I never have done so before but… Everything went so smooth from the very beginning to the delivery. And that was a long way from down under to Germany. Absolutely worth the money though and it‘s not even really expensive considering the fact that it‘s hand made and customized. I can recommend Evetts to anybody who wants a beautiful snare, shaped to his own preferences for a nice price!

AH AH says:

Hey V-sauce, Michael here

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