Evans Red Hydraulic Drum Head Review

We try out the Evans red hydraulic heads.


Nelson Rodriguez says:

I’ve been using Hydraulic glass heads on two of my rack toms for quite some time and loved them but when I started making videos of myself playing I began to see the downside of the heads. As they state on the Evans site they have very little tone and sustain,, and even though because of that I tuned both reso and batter to the same pitch to get the maximum resonance, I still was never able to get the sound I wanted. So first I added a third rack tom to my set and put it as the first tom but this time I put a G2 clear on the batter and a Genera resonant on the reso side and noticed a big change right away. At first I didn’t like it much cause it had so much tone and sustain but then I got used to it and started to like it more than the other two toms with hydraulics, then when I made videos it sounded so much better also, but I think they can still sound even better so now I’m changing the hydraulics for some clear G1’s that are even more resonant than G2’s and will see how it goes.

ckextreme says:

Apologies if i missed it in your initial description, but what reso heads are being used?

Tbarr73 says:

I like them on the toms, not crazy about the snare but I think they’d be cool on my acrylic kit

Drummer Zone says:

Sonido bien apagado y mate , solo suena el redo esos parches hidraulicos lo descubri despues de comprarlos.. sls

L'Quik Suárez says:

The bass drum head is also red?

kodiak wild says:

oh, wow…if these are on amazon, in the sizes of all the drums i play ( maybe with exception of my timbale snare ), i’m going on a shopping spree tonight.

Bill Day says:

Killer looking heads! I personally like the blue a bit more though.

Sticksbass says:

sound good. i used to use evans hydraulic. they last forever.

BADD400 CB700 drums says:

They sound really good.

Ross Gillis says:

I use the clear versions of these on my sit down Gretsch as well as my stand up cocktail kit (I play Rockabilly) and love them. The host was right on when he said they offer just enough damping not to have to use any outside help.
The sound & durability is just perfect.

Taylor Rhodes says:

I really like the clarity of those heads. I have to imagine those would sound monstrous through a PA.

TzzSmk says:

now I’m really curious how those would sound in my very dry drum recording mini studio, using coated G1’s and doing some experiments with miking;
which reso heads did you use in the video?

ocho cabra says:

i guess not bad for certain things, but that kick is soft and weak

McDrummer2 Vk says:

Nice groove

T Bruce Wittet says:

Haven’t used these heads in years….since they featured the flexible “flesh hoop” counterhoop. Your tuning (‘tensioning”) is impeccable and notwithstanding a couple of frustrated souls’ opinions below, I liked your playing a lot. Furthermore you coaxed some really contemporary and retro-Krupa tones from the hydraulics; gave me ideas. As far as some of the comments, I disabled them long ago on my site to avoid guys who got up on the wrong side of the bed. But this is not about me: It’s about you. Nice playing and those heads were nicely pitched and sounded great with a single o/h mic. Sounds like a felt beater, maybe not; I’d use a plastic but otherwise ….hmmmm. Did I say nice work? Best Tbw

Carlos Fernández says:

Great sound & drumming!!

Charles Hunter says:

Anyone know what China this is?

Raz Al Cool says:

Two things, the recording is shit, secondly, the drummer was/shit. Not a good review at all… Stay tuned to my channel. I don’t make videos hardly ever, but I will purchase these heads just to give a proper review.

Sergei Kalafitsky says:

Nice drumm solo) I like it

cave digger says:

snare sounds fantastic

T W says:

Crazy question from a newb..but are both sides of the toms red heads, or just the tops? Looking to replace my ddrum heads, and wanted to know if I needed to double up, or if the bottom head being red would be more aesthetic than functional! Thanks!

Tom Metz says:

Cool man.. Never thought about putting one on a snare, I just bought some blues ones and mounted them on a roto tom experiment I am trying. I bought four 10″ rotos and one 16″! Yeah it sounds kind of weird but what the hell! They were pretty available and resonable on ebay. They sound pretty good and are a lot louder than I thought they would be which is a good thing.

Chip Hammond says:

You’re right, there is plenty of tone and sustain in those heads. TON of attack (which is good or bad, depending on the style of music). Hey, I noticed you’ve got your small tom to the right. Bernard Purdie and some others do that too. What’s the rationale behind that? Great playing, BTW.

TheDrummerboy114 says:

What do you have for for bottom heads? These sound dope!

Dynamite Kid says:

Simply Awesome! Earned a sub. + like!

KL Drums says:

what is the resonant head on the kick?

Keeping In the Pocket says:

Yay!! They have returned! bout time.

LucasUrlacher54 says:

Hey what cymbals are you using in this vid?

dodgingtheworld says:

bought the floor tom and high tom and recently recorded them with drum mics and everything and the best part of that kit’s recording were those toms. they’re really sick

dosanchoas says:

“THUD MASTER” : it’s a GOOD thing!!!

Skelyarod says:

Gotta get me a Zoom Q8

Jacin Green says:

A very nice choice

BBT609 says:

Next road of drum heads…I am getting THESE!!!!

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