DW Performance Series Finish Ply Drums Review by Sweetwater

Nick D’Virgilio presents a custom configuration of DW Performance Series Finish Ply drums. Delivering unbelievable resonance and projection thanks to DW’s proprietary HVX shell, Performance Series drums provide you with great sound at a real-world price. Built from a blend of eight plies of hand-selected North American hard rock maple, they serve up solid, thunderous punch. On top of that, you get a scaled-down version of DW’s trademark turret lug, as well as onboard True-Pitch tuning and 45-degree back-cut bearing edges. The DW Performance Series drums are an amazing value.

Check out DW Performance Series Finish Ply drums here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PSK520GW


Brent McGuire says:

10×8, 12×9… looks like to me.

David Lanas says:


Jonathan Magati says:

What’s the opening song to this video

Andy Ham says:

The newer style demos with the music makes the drums sound dead. Felt the same way with the Tama star drum review. Also, the black white kit IMO doesn’t look cool at all. Looks pretty off and tacky to my eyes. My favorite drum demo of all time is the sweetwater demo of the Tama starclassic molten brown burst finish. Everything was done perfectly especially the audio. I think that theatre room they used to do reviews made the audio so good. But that’s me nitpicking, nick and sweetwater are the best drum reviewer on YouTube by far.

Cvrlosmolina says:

What head setup was used 9n this recording? I’m digging the toms’ sound

Julian Klimczyk says:

Can you make a video on the vintage Tama Starclassic Performer EFX Birch drum set?

Kyle Davis says:

What is the last tune in this video? Is it a Big Big Train song? Loving that riff.

Drivenut4 says:

I just bought an additional 14″ floor tom off sweetwater… God I love the performance series drums.

Vale Jean says:

Not hating, but why does it sound so dead ?

BenjaminGib says:

Nick always knockin’ it outta da park.

Ethan Carlson says:

Awesome review. Sweetwater has the best product videos!

jmetz says:

8×7, 10×8, 12×9 and I’m not sure that DW Performance has a 14″ deep option on a 20″ kick

Dennis Rivenburg says:

not bad

Jean Paul Bartolini says:

Nick D’Virgilio you are the best

Amp says:

Can’t really get into DW Drums, but these sound nice; a really tight sort of sound. All the VLX HXl bollocks just kills the sound.

Zane Hamill says:

the look reminds me of phil ehart’s drums from the mid 90’s

Neil Barbu says:

Sounds like yes meets Dream theater! See you at Gearfest!

Ron Bernard says:

i love it

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