DW Performance Lacquer Series 5-piece Drum Kit Review by Sweetwater

Hi everybody, this time out I’m playing the DW Performance Lacquer Series 5-piece shell pack. DW’s Performance series is a budget-friendly line that makes it easier to get into DW drums. The HVX shells blend horizontal, vertical, and diagonal plies of hand-selected North American hard rock maple (eight in total), and are voiced to give you solid low mids and a ton of punch and articulation. This is a great-sounding kit with DW quality – check it out in detail at the link below!

— Nick D’Virgilio

Get this DW Performance Lacquer Series drum set with White Ice finish here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PSKit422WH


JDM Vids says:

What are these cymbals?

Danny Birge says:

Nick needs to do a detailed drum tuning video.

Scott Lowell says:

I’ve been watching online drum video reviews almost as long as I’ve been listening to Spock’s beard. One good video is 100X better than *ANY* written review. As of today, Nick has THE BEST online drum product reviews.

palesamaa says:

And the other drums? Are there any sounds on your video list?

Robert Smith says:

3 bass drums…and he is playing them all, how is this possible. he is good

Chase Deery Drumming says:

That 24″ kick drum to the right looks HUGE!!!!!

Danny Birge says:

What cymbals are used on this video?

I wish I had the talent Nick has just in his pinky finger!

Kaos 127 says:

Amazing sounding kit I’m raising up for a DW I love the gloss black can’t wait when I can actually order XD

Patrick McGinn says:

Nick’s too nice. He never criticizes faults or weaknesses in any of the drum kits he reviews. He only points out what he considers to be strengths or cool features, and usually he says the same nice things about all the kits he reviews. This makes it hard for someone trying to choose which drum company to go with.

Rico Horton says:

I like this white ice finish.

JoshCameronDrums says:

Absolutely awesome review , Your playing is fantastic!

Olin Destiany says:


Al Cervix says:

Hey Jon Stewart , how are you ?

Jeff Ballou says:

sounds great!

Ferdinand Wang says:

Ice – white lacquer finish, will remember that!

Scott Lowell says:

These drums cost less than the average high end kit including tama starclassic maple and Pearl masters. They are more than the Asian made stuff (understandably) but far better quality than PDP. Not quite as good a deal as the peal sessions were (masters shells with less costly hardware).

pescalante2 says:

You always tune 10” toms horribly, they aren’t timbales man, you’re an amazing drummer but man do your 10” toma sound like crap

Zachary Rader says:

Why those toms sound so weird

deadboy600 says:

D’Virgilio is a severely UNDERRATED drummer. Its a crime; the guy is a phenomenal player.

Robert Smith says:

gretsch brooklyn sounds better

Ted Mentzer says:

What mics were used to capture this recording? The drums/room sound great!

Danny Wanny says:

Is it me or do they sound different from the cllectors edition?

It’s about the Metal says:

Dw are just to expensive to buy if you in the U.K.

George Bitar says:

Thank you. There’s more benefit to spending time – a lot more time – striking the toms so potential buyers can hear the tone. Going around the drums fast and laying in lots of cymbal (white noise) does absolutely nothing.

duchu14 says:

Sounds horrible.

phyllis antonelli says:

great sounding kit and playing also.I have a set of 2001 Premier Gen-X’s that are near impossible to get a great sound from.And I have decent tuning abilities.The Premier shells are maple/birch hybrid,I’m just curious if anybody at Sweetwater ever ran into the same trouble with the latter mentioned?

David McAninch says:

This guy rocks!!!!!! Whoever agrees with me, give me a heck yeah!!!!!!

Stephen Brodigan says:

I love Nick, I love these drums and I love Sweetwater – just sad I cannot buy from them being in the UK

gregorywayneadams says:

This guys testing videos are cool and all but I can’t stand to watch them because the drums in everyone are ALWAYS TUNED SO TIGHT. Specifically the toms. Buy Roto toms if you want super high toms. I want to hear the lows!

GatoPainThings says:

sounds amazing !

Chase Deery Drumming says:

Does anyone else notice that nick always ends his solo with a cymbal choke.

michael mattice says:

Beautiful looking kit and nice sounding too…Nice meaty snare…Nick could make a turd sound good!:)

Chris Gill says:

Ordered my DW Performance kit from Sweetwater a couple of weeks ago, (back order) and it shipped out yesterday and should be here tomorrow! Can’t wait! Thanks Tom Maxwell for hooking me up with a great deal on the kit, cases, new heads, and an awesome stick bag!

joefabuloso r says:

I really dislike the new Avedis Zildjians.

3kMr.President says:

what is he playing at 2:55 i just love it so much!!! i must learn this i need to know what its called ASAP :3

Eric Gutierrez says:

Wow, these drums sound great. Doesn’t hurt that Nick is an outstanding drummer.

Ron Bernard says:

just bought the snare in this color and love it i prefer the lacquer over wraps

dsshdrumming2christ says:

i have a pdp concept series and I would like to upgrade but I want to get the best for what I pay. Is this set significantly better than the pdp concept series or should I just go for a different set in that pricepoint?

Ron Lehner says:

Thank you for a great review.

waqqodonkey says:

Nick , you the man!

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