DW Drums Contemporary Classics Series Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a Drum Workshop Contemporary Classics Series shell pack. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, January 2019. For full specs, please visit our website: www.drummersreview.com, and to connect with us further, check out our social media channels…





Sid Marks says:

Stonking walloping review, as usual. Many thanks to Nolly, NIck and Pepa.
I know that this kit sounds amazing but, forgive me if I’m wrong, it’s out of reach for a lot of us. Semi or pro drummer , I’m not jealous you Ba#++ tards but good luck. (Did you see how I omitted the ‘s’)
Nick, how did you develop such powerful but sensitive hands? I’m still learning but after 50 odd years of pratting about, I still can’t fathom how you do it
Pepa, your vids are great as they enhance the overall quality of production.
Nolly, if you need any help just let me know.
Great work, best reviews and please, don’t post date any cheques.

pimpleburger says:

These DWs have the tone & tuning I aim for from my gigging kit–a lowly old Mapex Pro M. I get most of the way there by head selection, muting and by mounting my 14″ tom as a rack tom: 22/14/12. But, as Jimmy Chamberlin says: the issue with DW drums is usable tone–do they cut enough through the mix? I love this thick sound with strong fundamental pitches, but are the pitch and most importantly timbre, too low? I’ve heard DWs sound phenomenal in some venues, but can they rock out everywhere? This is why I’m i now nterested in Sonor, Yamaha, Tama, etc. When the sounds I love don’t always work live….

Crime Scene To Courtroom says:

I hope you review one of the new yamaha live custom hybrid’s. Keep up the great work.

Roy Beckerman says:

More expensive than Ludwig and Gretsch….hmmmm.

Tom DeCoste says:

Anybody else having playback issues?

Strata Recording says:

Loving these reviews! Aside from the content being great, the production from audio to video is top-notch.

Kelly Kuzinskir5 says:

Fantastic review as always!!! Can you review the Meinl Foundry Reserve series that was just released?

Michael August says:

what was your tuning for this kit? Tune bot?

Chris Wright says:


John Bertasius says:

Looks and sounds great to me.
That price though?

Mike Van Daele says:

What a thunderous kick drum!
DW seem to make really great drums, but one way or another they never really appeal to me as a whole.
Thumbs up again for the great review, though

Edrick Wilson says:

Hi guys. Nice reviews on your channel. I hope you can review an SQ1 kit from Sonor. I’d love to be notified by the time. Thanks 🙂

Kirill Konyaev says:

This kit is LOUD!

Vincent B. Wang says:

shit, might be the first time i’ve been stoked on a DW

Reagan Moreno says:


Matthew Wilson says:

I think even if you tried to lie and say these don’t sound amazing, it would be extremely difficult. Lol. Sounds great, but would never pay that for them, I mean, come on, it is Poplar and Mahogany, one is simply paying for a name.

Great looking and sounding drums like many DW sets, but like many others, just overpriced.

GT 306 says:

wow what a sound. you guys do a really great job. One thing that would bring it up a notch would be to showcase the drums at different tunings. I imagine even at these sizes the tuning range is capable of pulling off a be bop gig.

Martijn den Hartog says:

a cow bell would sound great witht his

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