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Get this DW Collector’s Series Exotic kit here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/DREXKITBEMG

In this video I am playing the DW Collector’s Series Exotic 6-piece kit. This is one beautiful drum kit specially made for Sweetwater by DW’s John Good at the DW custom shop in California. These drums just sing with great tone and attack and will last more then a lifetime. These drum will work an any situation from studio to live with any style of music.

This kit comes with a 5.5″ x 14″ snare, 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″ rack toms, 12″ x 14″ and 14″ x 16″ floor toms, and an 18″ x 23″ kick-drum. If you have never tried a 23″ kick drum I highly suggest that you do. It has the big deep low end of a 24″ drum with the attack or a 22″ drum. It is really the best of both worlds. The drums are done in a gorgeous grey stain with candy black burst finish and have a exotic Birds Eye maple veneer.

These drums are made with DW’s SSC (Specialized Shell Configuration) construction. DW has many different ways they construct drum shells, and with the Collector’s Series you can customize your set with anything you like. This Sweetwater Exclusive drum kit has three different kinds of shell construction. The rack toms are the VLT version (the outer ply and the inner play of the shell run vertically), the 12″ x 14″ floor tom is the X version (all of the wood grain runs diagonally), and the 14″ x 16″ floor tom and the kick drum are the VLX version (two plies in the shell run diagonally). This all makes for a unique drum set that sounds amazing from high pitch to low pitch.

The snare drum on this DW Collector’s Series Exotic 6-piece kit features DW’s MAG throw off, three-position butt plate, and True Pitch tuning rods.

This is one fantastic drum set and it is a Sweetwater Exclusive, so you better get it while you can!

— Nick D’Virgilio


Peter and Ruth Dent says:

Nick is such a great, natural presenter and an incredible musical talent (drummer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist).  I’m jealous  lol

Jeff Lee says:

Are you really gonna sit there and not play them… Wtf i want to hear the drums not you talking for 9minutes

gustavo.bruh_ 123 says:

the Pearl Masters kit is so much better

Alexdrummer says:

Nick devergilio is the only person who works for sweet water

cuznred says:

I love these vids ,   Nick shreds on the drums and you can get a good idea of what these drums sound like

Jonathan Ziegler says:

How can it be 100% hard rock maple if it has a birds eye maple veneer?

Mark Juliano says:

really wearin that shirt?

Roy Beckerman says:

They actually sound like Pearl. Probably a lot more expensive.

Emily Musco says:

hey, i really want to get in drumming. I think I have some talent. What review should I look at? I want something not as expensive , but needs a jazz sound, or a loud cymbal. What should I get?

Earl Brackett says:

great attack on this kit, snare sounds awesome as well. Go Nick !!!

corne van der wal says:

is there a 8” tom avalible?

Kris Poorman says:

what’s that thing your doing at the ending between 3:50 and 3:55?

kunstprodukt says:

ply hocuspocus

DjsToGo Jacksonville Wedding & Party Djs says:

Hey Nick, awesome! Can you give us a quick low down on the sticking @ :20

Donnie Miranda says:

Greetings SweetWaterSound! What camera do you use to record these videos. The sound is great and has an amazing quality sound! Thank you!

Erik Leighton says:

I don’t understand how the directional orientation of the plys affects the sound of the drum, why should it matter?

Russian Pickle says:

What heads are those

Patrick Glenn says:

Nice kit!

Donald Ferrell III says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like an older Nick Kroll? lol, love your videos, really helping choose which kit im going to get. Thanks.

Had Enough says:

The toms on the Gretsch Energy kit demo done by Nick sound better than these toms.

Zen Zstephen Valdeez says:

are the skins vintage emperor

SXI96 says:

sounds very tubby, not sure I’d pay a premium price for this kit, would rather go with Yamaha PHX or maple

corne van der wal says:

I dont like the toms they have a short note

Bill Edwards says:

Not on the DW bandwagon. Will take my Yamaha Stage Custom Birch any day.

Steve Hirst says:

23″ kick hahaha jokers

Aroutioun Karapetian says:


Mike Tignino says:

Are the Tom Heads all Single Ply Ambassador?? Also what is the Kick Head??? Single Ply Ambassador too??
Also can I still get this exact Kick?? Special order? Price??

Josh Barry says:

Great sounding kit, and this dude jams!

Kid Trunks says:

how much do this kit cause

OverPoweredDrumming says:

excuse me sir, can you review paiste V.S. zildjian A’s?

Brian Connellan says:

i like your shirt and it matches the drum color hey!

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