Drum Workshop Collectors Series Maple/Spruce Shell Pack – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a DW Drums Collectors Series Maple/Spruce five-piece shell pack. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, January 2019. For full specs, please visit our website: www.drummersreview.com, and to connect with us further, check out our social media channels…





Buster Sword says:

i think its kinda overpriced but its really good sonically speaking

Reagan Moreno says:

Please review more DW Collecter types of kits. I would like to see a cherry wood DW Collectors make its way into one of these videos.

Static Airsoft says:

I really enjoy watching your video’s! Do you guy’s have any suggestions on a good 6-8 piece set under 1,000 for metal and good metal heads?

chickenbeforeegg says:

Ride cymbal is a Meinl Byzance 21″ Transition ride!

Soda_84 says:

that bass drum sounds so good

GT 306 says:

Wow what a sound from those toms. you mentioned the bass drum sound but it doesn’t translate. with all the muffling and mic pick up it just sounds like any other bass drum.  Most demo’s I have watched and listened to I have the same complaint across the board. The bass drum is too chocked and the mic only pics up the attack with no sustain at all…sounds blatty.

FONO134 says:

I can´t deal with those round lugs. Deal breaker for me.

Forty says:

Satin harware and they’re next level.

Janos Muranyi says:

Thank you guys for making these reviews. Very helpful and informative. Well made presentation and intelligent production. I love waching these videos. Might worth to dedicate one video for your recording methods. I would be very interested about how do you record and mix the sound of these drums. Thanks again and look forwad to more of these reviews.

Duke Nukem says:

lovely sounding toms and snare. But for that price i think the finish is poor

Ork Oh says:

honestly dw are so boring and vanilla sounding.. ive owned a lot of dw drums and there is a reason i moved away from them. ludwig classic maple are a much more exciting line of drums for a lot less money and the hardware on their shells is a lot more substantial and solid feeling. and if you want real sonic tonality sonor drums are where its at.

RhythmCaster says:

What ride is that?

Mike Van Daele says:

That kit surely sounds good.
If I would have one remark about it: it lacks a bit of personality. The finish on the one hand, but the sound on the other hand too. It sounds like a kit that will work in every situation, but will not really stand out at any.
On top of that, I’m not a fan of the DW-style lugs. So after all, not a kit for me, but I would completely understand why someone goes after it.

Ariel Feldman Bracke says:

Omg what ride is that?

David Suprenant says:

I’ll tell ya what guys,I’ve been playing drums since 1964.That’s along time. I’ve always took great pride in my method of tunning drums.I don’t care what kit or manufacturers your demoing, you always get the greatest sound out of each and every kit.That says a lot to me.Your reviews are honest and you don’t sugar coat anything.Keep up the great job guys.Ive owned several DW kits.I personally prefer the all maple kits.The great thing about DW is they offer something for just about everyone’s taste.Yes they come in at a premium price tag.so do all the major manufacturers for there hi end kits. I think what DW has done is raise the bar for all drum manufacturers. If your going to put a big price tag on it then it better be good cause John Good ain’t done yet.These people are serious drum builders.!!!

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