Cymatics Savage Drums for Trap Review (+ 40 free samples!)

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LELO says:

The adhd is strong in this one

DinoRexGamingHD says:

man i never liked cymatics samples its all that future,trap,dub bass crap that i hate I only like there fx packs

Spooky Bagle says:

you should make a vid on how to make trap style synths

Brodie Carstairs says:

“like a little giraffe stand!” lmao how high are you

ShowThrill Entertainment says:

Very unprofessional video

wolv says:

Cymatics spend more on advertising then they do buying likes.

Circl3s says:

That video was a disaster.

I love it.

Heisenberg says:

Adam Pollard awesome guy!

David Gossett says:

Multiplier, with all due respect, you put up some great stuff. The thing is, you are slowly turning into the Nigel Tuffnel of dubstep.

D-Squared says:

Skip to 6:00 for the start

1 3 3 1 says:

actually basically you know Actually Basically you know

fuck the stuffing words idiot…..

kuoto lee says:

how download this program

Jonathan Tracy says:

Hi, I’ve been watching your video’s for a while and I was wondering whether you would be interested in using another DAW such as Logic Pro X or rather; why you don’t use other DAW’s. Ive found Logic Pro X much easier to use and the synthesisers are more versatile. – Just something I created using Logic.

Victor Manuel says:

Los 40 free samples que en realidad es un demo se pueden usar libremente? si o no?

3ric says:

Is this pack compatible logic?

Dave Acosta says:

this guy is such a clown smh just stfu and show the drums faggot



DrumInfected says:

Actually thought Multiplier was going to troll the whole 18 minutes and never get to any of the sounds until I heard sounds eventually!

3ric says:

What is an 808?

BL1NKY says:

u seem more excited with the giraffe holder than the sample pack itself lmao

Omen Ahead says:

not a bad pack, but WHY ALL THIS REVERB? putting reverb in samples, like all those brasses and snares, just ruins them.

Jake Cavicchia says:

if you werent so funny, the 4 min intro wouldnt work. but youre hilarious man thanks for the great stuff hahaha

Turbulent Mind says:

you talk way more than necessary

Havvy Beats says:

I would purchase this Cymatics Savage Drums, but I don’t like how their page isn’t secured.

Chris Hainey says:

LOL @11:07

Kimberly Forti says:

This video was a waste

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