Bristol Drum Co. Segmented Shell Snare Drums – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our review of a trio of hand-crafted segmented snare drums from Bristol Drum Co. Filmed at Middle Farm Studios, January 2019. For full specs, please visit our website:, and to connect with us further, check out our social media channels…


dan coffman says:

as soon as he said “from UK”….I bailed on the video

Sid Marks says:

Wonderful demonstration. The sound quality would carry a tin can and the playing…………….
Are these prototype drums? If so, it would account for the need for tweeks. Metal washers and tight rods! I have Sonor SQ1 and beautiful as they are, the rods were tight and I was worried that I would strip or cross-thread them. It is a concern.
Visually these drums are stunning, particularly the Harlequin featuring exotic woods. Purple Hearts, Mannies etc. Takes me back to my youth….. I think.
I would love to hear these snares played as part of a set.
Great work. Come on, let’s get these subs. up!

Ryan Halsey says:

The ash/wenge sounds amazing to my ear, love the dry sound with the lower pitch.

triceon Rainey says:

Review Eric Hernandez pdp snare PLEASE!!!

Michael McIntosh says:

The problem with being unable to tune the drums at high tension is a serious one. On fairly expensive drums, it’s very serious. Good to see honest reviews.

belly special says:

That bass drum at the beginning of the video looks interesting. Future video?

Jobe Lewis says:

Corr that walnut/Purpleheart was insane

munclemusic says:

Gorgeous looking drums and they sound fantastic. Great review with the right kind of criticism.

Heather Maher says:

Hey, I love watching your videos all the time and getting more ideas and tips. I am a drummer and have been drumming for nearly 13 years now. I am 18 and a half years old and have been drumming since the age of 6. My favorite band is Queen. I have put YouTube videos of me playing with 2 different bands and other musicians that I work with outside of college and inside of college. I leave college in next few months, May being the latest. I am doing a level 3 music course. I have done many gigs all around my area with the different 2 bands and musicians i work with outside of college every single week and do festivals such as the SOS Festival which is a famous 3 day festival which has famous signed heavy metal bands on it, such as Blaze Bayley. Blaze Bayley used to be the singer of Iron Maiden and I am friends with the drummer who is called Martin McNee and I do many jam nights with him before he goes off on tour. I am just wondering if you could check my YouTube Channel out. I have just started it and put lots of videos from me when I was younger up until now, playing the drums with different bands and musicians. I do not have many subscribers or likes and was just wondering if you or anyone else would like to watch a few of my videos of me playing the drums. WARNING! some videos are not the best sound or quality video as family, friends and I have recorded some of these videos onto phones and other devices so I could upload these videos onto YouTube. I am hoping to buy a proper camera to record myself playing the drums at different gigs and different performances I do. Thank you very much.

avram novorra says:

The Wenge drums really sang at the mid range, the harlequin though seemed best at low for some reason to me.. Nice review!

Mike Luke says:

You guys could review microwaves or screwdrivers, I‘d watch it.

John Bertasius says:

Nothing remarkable. I don’t really care for all the fancy wood combinations unless they make the drum sound outstanding.

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