An honest reveal of the Ludwig Classic Maple drums

This is my honest review of my Ludwig Classic Maple kit. I tell you the good, and some of the things I wish Ludwig would consider changing. Remember, there is no processing on the recording. All the EQ’s are flat, no reverb, and no other “studio tricks”.

I played these drums with the stock Ludwig heads still on them, and I did not cut a port hole in the bass drum. This is as real and true a review as I have been able to find.

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Mikey Ruiz says:

Loosen the snare wiresssss

VinnyonDrums says:

When it was time to get a serious kit I went straight to Ludwig. I haven’t looked back since.

Jonathan Kosyjana says:

wrap takes some high end off…GOODD =]

mpcvore says:

Very nice review, thanks, i’m surprised by the sound of the BD without any dampening…..

Saltfisher 14 says:

When I was little and first got into drums, my dad always said ludwig was the greatest drums. I can say that today and he still does as well.

Marc E says:

Does the bass drum with a 22 inch diameter only come with 8 lugs per side? If so…boooooo!

soul winner for christ says:


j88k001 says:

Great demonstration overall, sounds amazing, and love the chops as well.

Christian Allard says:

Great review, awesome kit. Also, use some ear protection!

Paul D says:

These drums are one of the most underrated. They are probably the best sounding drums in the world along with the Legacy mahogany.

Roy Beckerman says:

How do these compare to the 60s vintage re sound and price.

Larry Tate says:

That’s a nice black finish.

James Carbone says:

Thanks, Jared. How do you feel about the Ludwig heads that came with this set?

DustyCowdog says:

Dang! Sounds pretty good for not showing-off! Hahahaha… JK… Nice job! The big stick really did bring out the juice!

Brent McGuire says:


Leandro Arroyo says:

I have a 6 pc Ludwig nat maple lacker, they been with me for 35 years and the sownd is impecable,they are power toms but the tuning is clean no dampening or tape.

D'yer Maker says:

I have an older set of Ludwig Classics that I play wide open, no muffling except muffled heads on the kick. They sound great live. Even my bandmates have commented on how these drums sound.
Before the Ludwigs I played another brand consistently. The Ludwigs changed my mind on how drums should sound. Whatever Ludwig does to get that sound I hope they never change. I’m hoping to get some of the new Ludwig Keystone X drums in the near future.

Victor Dusovic says:

How do the CM compare to the Legacy Series, Maple or Mahogany? Great review and playing. Thanks!

John Butler says:

Great video, thanks for posting the sound without effects/ EQ.

Jeff Ballou says:

Ludwig is one of those kits, where every drum you hit, you smile. The toms, the snare, the kick.. I have played them all, and so many good kits out there.. I do not know how to describe it, I just smile when I paly a Lud kit.

Avelino Mayoral says:

Love the Ludwig drum sound.

Blake Gowan says:

Love the way he layed into the drums with bigger sticks….and dang they sounded sweet. Ludwig lover here…

Dream Thieves says:

interesting read these comments! im a drummer from aus and it recently became difficult in australia to get these kits. how do you think the Classic Maple fairs to the Legacy Mahogany or Legacy Maple? I play generally rockier music and all I really have to go by is what I hear on youtube haha have you had any experience with Q drum?

D Meag says:

Good video Jared and I agree 100 percent, I have the Classic USA maple (12, 14 and 20 inch) and with factory heavy clear heads. They sound brilliant.

Isis Cruz says:

how much are these drums go for?

Mildrid&JamtGroovet says:

To really hear how great this drums sound live with a band, check out the live clips on our channel! (-: No muffles on toms.

Andy YT says:

I know lugwig been around forever, but in my opinion, DW drums got the best sounding drums ever. Don’t believe me, check out dw drums on youtube and hear how they sound. To me, they sound much better than any other drums on the market these days

Sheldon Kreger says:

I have a Ludwig Classic Maple made in 2010 and it’s truly amazing. Try putting Evans EC2 heads on yours if you haven’t already. SUPER powerful and it rumbles like THUNDER!

C Z says:

Ludwig drums have always sounded more wide-open/louder than most other brands to me (at least on these internet demos)  Is this actually the case or am I imagining it?

SuperBullies1 says:

Ludwig is good for rock, and big band, not so much for lower volume acoustic music. The snares are very nice, I don’t really care for the toms.

Slim Krieger says:

How do they keep in tune? The Ludwig lugs and hw in general is something that people usually complain about.

steverok67 says:

Of all the videos demo’ing classic maples, this one is easily the best.  Thank you sir !

dethronedb says:

Really nice drums. “Reveal” is not a noun, though.

Rizun Drummer says:

Sounds fantastic, I can’t wait till I get my Classic Maple’s!

Had Enough says:

I have a Ludwig Classic Maple 20″x14″ bass drum with the tom mount. The problem w/the tom mount is the opposite. The toms are too close to the front of the drum in my opinion. The toms are up close and the bass drum is too far away. I now use a virgin 22″x16″ bass drum so I can have the toms anywhere I want. Pros and cons to both..

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